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Alchemist Nation Projects I Have Set For 2022

Finding The Time To Create Assets Over the last decade as an entrepreneur, I have gained so much knowledge from real life experiences…

Sunday Funday Live Play2Earn Crypto Games Splinterlands on Hive

▶️ Watch on 3Speak What's up everyone! Today is Sunday Funday and I am sitting around playing Splint

Mondays, Am I right? Busy Day For The Dude- BlockTunes Coin Logic, Hivelist, HiveHustlers, Weedcash Updates

What's up everyone! Well, my day didn't quite go as I had planned, but it all worked out anyway! It was first off an an absolutely…

Are entrepreneurs the best people to acquire wealth through crypto?

source Cryptocurrency is the leading way of making wealth by investi

Screenshots of My First HP HIVE Power UP


Coming Real Estate Crash & Holding Crypto For An 8X Return

The Future Of The Dollar If the dollar continues to decline all assets will continue to rise with the rate of inflation (currently…

#127 - Alchemist Nation Podcast Understanding The Different "Flavors Of Debt" With Matthew Sullivan

Who Is Matthes Sullivan? In this season 2 of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Mathew Sullivan about understanding the…

A Community That Grows Together! Special HiveHustlers Thanks To An Awesome Hustler!

Hello my fellow #hivehustlers! I hope you are having a fantastic day! So I wanted to make a quick post shouting out @saaci (@r1s2g3) who…

Millionaire Wealth Principle #40 Create Real Estate Keystone Habits

Introduction In this wealth principle 40, I talk about creating Keystone Habits where keystone habits are defined as the cornerstones.…