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TokenPocket supports Newdex NDX swap to DEX

Hi guys and welcome to another beautiful day, so, some weeks back we saw Newdex published an info about swapping their based token NDX for…

Prospectors: alla ricerca dell'oro su blockchain

Se siete appassionati di film western e ambientazioni da Corsa all'oro, credo che questo articolo potrebbe interessarvi. Torniamo a…

QUESTION: After several years why hasn't EOS taken off like a rocket ship?

I've been aware of EOS since before it was released. I suspect most people here ( especially if they used steem or bitshares ) have…

I Was Absolutely Accurate About Many Of My Recent Reddit Rants

Blockfi gave away millions in bitcoin to lenders. Warned about it - Why You Shouldn't Lend Bitcoins Or USDT To BlockFi You are a…

Yield Farming on EOS

Yield Farming has been very popular lately. Platforms like Uniswap, Pancakeswap and farms like Harvest.Finance have garnered most of the…

Newdex la principal DEX de EOS inicia su nueva Era | Cambia tus tokens NDX por DEX [Esp/Eng]

Newdex ha entrado en nueva era de desarrollo, mediante un plan que en esta ocasión consideran les ayudara alcanzar la descentralización…

EOS: Can 2021 Become A Year For Crypto Revival?

EOS price rallied and jumped over 50% earlier this month, after Block.one, the company be

Guia para intercambio de NDX a DEX | Nuevo token de Newdex

Saludos comunidad, deseo compartir con ustedes un sencilla guia de como intercambiar (swap) tus tokens NDX a DEX el nuevo token del…

Puml has been accepted to Sunramp Healthtech Accelerator

PUML Better Health just announced they has been accepted to Sunramp Healthtech Accelerator to help them scale into the US!

My guide to profiting on WAX/HIVE NFTs.

In a little over 5 months I have made just under $2,000 profit on the NFT market, this is in a down crypto market no less. NFTs are unique…

Why I Brought Back Most Of My Hodl Positions

Look, we are down 48% or something from ATH. When a large number of people enter the crypto market we go up high in a short period of…

Cheap Crypto Networks To Transact On

The ease of moving money around with cryptocurrency is something that I have personally started to take for granted. To be able to type in…