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ETH ATH Inevitable, But HIVE Started All... And I Just Ate My First "Bitcoin Pretzel"

ETH is less than $100 day away, at the moment of writing, of claiming a new ATH and I bet it will do that today. The market has been quite…

An Introduction To ShapeShift DAO And The Fox Token

Since my article on Countries versus DAOs was very well received (thank you all for your support, by the way) I decided

Lbi Moves Around 35 Cents ! Market Still Move Under Valued Market Analysis

I'm going to continue just to watch the market and i'm not bullish into the market in lbi.…

Gods Unchained - How to Use the New and Improved Forge

Gods Unchained is one blockchain game that holds a special place in my heart. I've been playing since 2018 off and on. It was the only…

DeFinitely 85 - The News in DeFi

AI based article summaries are back! Yay or nay? Join the r/YieldFarm :) Sponsor's Message Want t

Pob Again Going To Big Bullish Best Time To Buy This Coin

The market in pob was just pretty much trading sideways but nevertheless. we still anticipated the price to go up who was able to get 14…

Why $GODS could easily pull a 10x + Another airdrop for Gods Unchained Players!

2nd $GODS airdrop Man, Gods Unchained has been on a tear lately. With the recent release of the GODS token and the initial airdrop, it…

Litecoin, Ethereum Classic & VeChain where are they heading?!?

As the bearish streak ceaselessly won, bulls attempted to maintain the uphold view of their cryptos. Therefore, altcoins like Litecoin…

BTC versus gold: Does Bitcoin stand against our precious metal?!?

Bitcoin has dominated gold significantly year to date, with the advanced coin up almost 98% and the yellow metal down in the…

▶️ Staking & Dividends - Amateur Investing Report #20 | EP#489

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Time for another update on my investment portfolio and my passive income journey.

Defi Protocol BadgerDAO Suffer $120 Million Exploit

(Source) Evening So after a pause of few months it seems hacks/exploits are back on defi world, and this time its

2nd Batch of Gods Unchained $GODS have been Airdropped - Check your wallet.

Claim your GODS Gods Unchained has been getting a lot of my attention lately for good reason. Their play to earn campaign Blessing of…

I Staked HEC in Hector DAO on the Fantom Blockchain

Is this the ultimate degen savings account of the future? I plunked a few chips into Hector DAO last night, 1.15 HEC to be exact, small…

Punks on Hive vs. Ethereum CryptoPunks: Daily Volume comparison 🤩 Interesting insight 💡 (December 3rd 2021)

CryptoPunks auf Ethereum sind zu einer Art Status-Symbol geworden und werden mittlerweile zu Unsummen verkauft. Die günstigsten…

PFP NFT's Are Dead Now What?

In the broader NFT market it's pretty obvious the PFP NFT surge has passed. Fewer useless projects popping up, value has dropped, and less…

Why Solana Bull Run Is Over ?Market Again Hit 240 Dollars

Where The Solana price is still trying to go. it's still going to be real important to where price is going to go the market in Solana…

November 2021 recap - ETH saves the month

Again a month has passed. Let me show you how my portfolio did. Market update It was a very volatile month, with a lot of movement…

Budweiser NFTs?! Enter the Budverse.

Well I'll be damned. I can't believe it. I missed out on the most American thing I've ever set eyes on. The Budweiser NFT collection. Yes…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 30.11.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I analyzed the price chart of Ethereum (ETH/USD) in detail, by using Technical and…

Why Bitcoin Isn't Over $200k

There is a feeling in the bitcoin market of anticipation. Have you been able to feel it? November and December were supposed to be the…