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Bitcoin & Crypto Respond to Fed Rate Hike! What does this mean for you??

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The Federal Reserve has risen the Bank Exchange Rate for

Pins are placed on Chinese Military soldiers collar to Correct Posture During Parade

Although this might be true but it is right for you to know that this is not a mandatory drill in the Chinese military. This only occurs to

Elon Musk is about to send Dogecoin to 1$

Elon Musk posted this on his Twitter. Seems like the Tesla CEO is ready to give his all his attention to Dogecoin. His main goal previous

Elon Musk hasn’t sold his Bitcoin yet

Ever since the crypto dump has been happening a lot of people have been blaming Elon musk for it. Some speculated he dumped his $1.2 billi

Diamond Hand: Hodling and Investing my Hive earnings

Hodling is a known common term in crypto known as Hold On for Dear Life. Although it was a typographical spelling error for hold, but it

Vitalik Buterin burnt 90% of His Shiba Inu and wants to donate 10% of it to charity.

In the trend of Dog related crypto Currencies, shiba Inu popularly known as the “Doge killer” has been the most popular competitor to Doge

End Sec Law Suit: XRP Holders Signed a petition

The XRP holder signed a petition for the SEC law suit to be ended. This petition met the required number of signatures needed. The Holder

Twitter Crypto Community Donated $800,000 to this kid who beat leukemia

Have you ever seen something like a video and you felt so remorseful and wanted to cry? This is one of them. A 6 year old boy named John,

NFT ART FINANCE : Empowering NFT Creators

You must have come across NFT art finance but have no idea what it means. I’ll try my best to explain what it means in the best way possible

Bill Gate Hides in His mansion located in a Billionaire’s Golf Club

Bill gate who announced his divorce on Twitter is currently hiding in his mansion that is located in billionaires’ Golf Club which cost

I Aped On these Shitcoins Wish Me luck

So My friend introduced me to safemoon and safemars early April. I bought them without doing my research (Aped), it gave me my first 10

Tesla May Accept DogeCoin as a means of Payment. Here is Why

It was a rough weekend/Beginning of the week for Doge Hodlers after Elon Musk’s Appearance on the SNL. The price went down almost more tha

COINGECKO update list towards SAFEMOON’s Position.

For a while now, Safemoon has been using their Twitter to correct their positions on their platform. Safemoon has a market cap of $4,292,4


I have been seeing FegToken trend for sometime now but didn’t want to buy but today I had to fomo and buy it. ![740CB1CC-5E5C-4AC8-9361-

Plair (PLA) a low cap coin you should watch out. A coin that rewards Gamers

I can bet you have never heard of this project called Plair(PLA). Well you are lucky you came across this article because I’ll explain…

ELON Musk bring his wild card to SNL. Will he Talk about Dogecoin?

Dogecoin has been soaring really high since Elon musk anticipated appearance for the Saturday Night Life (SNL) show. Dogecoin has been th

Should I invest in Altcoins Or Bitcoin and Ethereum as a newbie?

Having Bitcoin or Ethereum as a newbie isn't bad, but there are quite a lot of other coins that could give you a faster growth. Eg Buyin

I sold My house and Quit my Job to Buy Bitcoin

Changpeng Zhao aka "CZ" (Binance CEO) worth 1.9 billion dollars CZ is a 44 years old man who is the Chief Executive Officer of Binance

The End of 2 Financial Giant Union.

It is no doubt that Bill and Malia Gate are Finacial Giants with their combined net worths. They both took to their Twitter to give the

How To Buy SafeMoon

Pancake Swap used to be the only method of buying safemoon when it was newly launched. So you need to have trust wallet app first of al