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The Play2Earn Report - Going On Hiatus

I've been discussing with myself whether to take this step or not all weekend and with time slowly running out to even publish it before…

Sharing is Caring: Free Giveaway 01

Hi everyone, We all like to collect digital cards; therefore for a first giveaway from my Sharing is Caring series, I'm offering…

The Play2Earn Report - Getting Back To Normal

Well, this has been an odd week for me. On Tuesday, I finally got to get back to the Office full time. When this whole Covid-19 nonsense…

EXODE at end May: Planet NFTs and more than 2000 attributes per planet

We have been upgrading STEP ONE for several weeks! We gave access to scanning, we updated our colonization portal and created the…

Calling All Captains - Let's Create Some Amazing EXODE content!

With Colonization getting closer and closer in EXODE , I feel like it's time to spread the word and make more potential Captains aware…

eXode: Baumite, a heaven for investors and tourists!

Baumite, a heaven for investors and the place to be for tourism! That's likely how a bad PR office would try attract people to come on…

Why I have not opened the gate to new worlds...

... and have not joined EXODE, yet. As always it is doubts and my really big fear of something called "buyer's remorse". When you feel…

EXODE - A Novice Perspective From A Casual Gamer

Hello! For my first blog post on a Hive platform, I thought it would be fun to discuss the Alpha game EXODE . Full disclosure, I’m…

Exode: My Planet NFT and Tips to get your own

Currently there is a incentive to get some extra Exode NFTs for posting Exode content and I have chosen to talk about my planet NFT.…

The Play2Earn Report - Crash Boom Bang

Well, that was quite an entertaining week, wasn't it? BTC went down good and took everything with it. At its low, it was more than 50%…

The Play2Earn Report - Getting Back To Business

As I had anticipated in last week's Play2Earn Report , it was another pretty unproductive week in terms of crypto hustling. I've spent…

A tourist in Boxkerrine: Kumicho's adventures.

Welcome to my travel blog, I'm Kumicho the leader of the syndicate faction and the most feared woman in the world. To

eXode Talk

Screenshot of one of my planets on SteemNova Hello again, fellow pilots and you civilians out there! In my [last post](

Du nouveau sur exode game

Salut à tous, du nouveau sur exode game le jeu spatial sur hive en développement depuis un moment mais qui poursuit s

EXODE upcoming update: a huge step forward

Galactic News broadcast! Scanning has been released for some weeks now helping our testers secure their first planet NFTs. We…

The Play2Earn Report - Getting Serious

Another week of struggling between real life and crypto hustle is over. In the first half of the week it seemed like I would be getting…

EXODE Guide – Equipping Weapons and Defending Your Crew During Evacuation

As a beginner in EXODE , one of the things I found most difficult in the Evacuation Phase was defending cargo and retrieving out of…

Calling All Captains - EXODE Community Contest Results

Hello Captains! 10 days ago, I've called upon you all to write some amazing EXODE content and I'm really happy to say that this first…

How to Exode: Cargo Selection

Today I continue my series of articles about the upcoming blockchain based space colonization game Exode by focusing on cargo selection.…