LEO Tokenomics

Game-changers in Crypto

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Today let's take a look at the game changers in crypto. Because what we know better than anyone, there is…

Sunday Talks | Investing Hypes of 2021

Authorede by: @hetty-rowan Sunday talks Hello LBI'ers… It's already Sunday, we are approaching the last quarter of 2021 and I thought…

Presence, Patience And Frustration

Very briefly put, presence, patience and frustration are the most important ingredients of my learning processes. And by learning…

Week 39 - Last Week of September & Moving Right Along, Together With Week 7 of the Autumn Savings Challenge | SATURDAY SAVERS CLUB

Welcome back everyone to this week's Saturday Savers Club progress report. We're in week 39. It seems fo

Week 35 : Loving the Club's Autumn Savings Challenge (Week 3) | SATURDAY SAVERS CLUB

Welcome back everyone. This is my weekly Saturday Savers Club progress report for Week 35. It's also Wee

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Bitcoin comfortable above $45K While Bitcoin remains reasonably comfortable above USD 45K, the…

Death and Crypto.

Sitting in an urgent care waiting for a Covid test because I woke up feeling punky and we went to family event on Saturday

Cuts to our freedom are happening so rapidly with safety as excuse! Can Bitcoin protect ourselves from the surveillance state?

source I feel obligated to share such info as Mark Moss takes up in his video, please w

Opportunity Management

The mainstream approach towards opportunity is that it’s a very rare event, and it should be prioritized when it happens, maximizing any…

Growing With HivePUD for 9 Consecutive Months in 2021 | HIVE POWER UP DAY - SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome back. I'm ready for my power up for the ninth consecutive month in 2021. The September 1st

Oversimplifying Versus Analysis Paralysis

Entropy is a wonderful concept. It measures the degree of disorder or randomness in a system. If you really think about it, being able to…

September NO-BUY MONTH Challenge Kick-off for @justclickindiva (9/1/ - 9/30/2011) | SATURDAY SAVERS CLUB

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Saturday Savers Club. In July, @shanibeer proposed a new initiative

The Case For A $8 HIVE

We're finally entering the supply squeeze phase which was suggested by the massive impact of Splinterlands. There were signs across the…

Week 36 : Loving the Club's Autumn Savings Challenge (Week 4) | SATURDAY SAVERS CLUB

Hello everyone and welcome back. My weekly Saturday Savers Club progress report for Week 36 is a bit la

From earth to Moon ...

Authored by: @hetty-rowan **Today it is time for a 'new' crypto currency. And new is in quotes because the crypto we are talking…

One Day Until El Salvador Makes Bitcoin Legal Tender

On September 7th, a day from now, in El Salvador something unprecedented in human history will happen: a decentralized cryptocurrency…

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan A little late, but not TOO late A little later than you are used to from me, the LBI post is coming…

Survivorship Bias In Financial Resilience

The picture above is probably one of the most famous from the WW2. It depicts the holes made by bullets in US aircrafts which returned…

Financial Fridays #1: Top Limiting Beliefs About Saving Money!

For roughly 3 years, I've managed to save more than half a million in cash. I couldn't believe it either. I couldn't believ

All we need is TIME

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Compounding Interest A piece of information that I thought might be useful to describe again.…