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Bird Flu Outbreak Fuel More Business Shortages

Tens of millions of chickens have been killed after the outbreak of bird flu at poultry farms and now some say that they are

Market Friday : A walk in outdoor market.

Hello, my friends as I like to see the markets from all over the world, I decided to join the #MarketFriday by @dswigle and share with you…

Millions Cannot Afford to Eat Due to Rising Cost of Living

The rising cost of living around the world today thanks to inflation and eroding purchasing power along the way has been pushing millions…

Where To Invest

▶️ Watch on 3Speak If you want to secure your wealth during this economic and soc

## Skylandia: $BSKY 200,000 ($USD 20,000) + USDT$450 Grab Skylandia $B ...

Skylandia: $BSKY 200,000 ($USD 20,000) + USDT$450 Grab Skylandia $BSKY airdrop. #society #freedom #lifestyle #food #battle #meme…

It's a Bacon Buffet!

Here are a couple dinners over the past month traveling in Thailand. It's the commonly found Moo Kata. Which is basically a do it yourself…


My title might sound kind of weird but it's a real fact. Feeding is one of a kind we can't neglect even in tight budgets. Inflation is now…

Bangladeshi traditional food

Old books, artef

Delicious Noodle

Have you ever tried this noodle? In indonesia, it's well known as "indomie", but indomie itself is a trademark, there are another


Thank God it's Friday, it's a time to take rest of all the week stress. While enjoying our weekend, i would love to share some fruits…

Chapli Kebab Favourite And Famous Dish

Hello fellow. I hope so you are fine I want to introduce you with the new dish which is chapli kebab. It is very tasty. It is made up of…

Montana Restaurant: One of the best test of Sajek

▶️ Watch on 3Speak *Montana is one of the best restaurant of the Sajek valley. There are many restaurant at Ruilui

Bitcoin As Food Delivery Rewards

Grubhub, the American online food delivery platform, has developed an exciting new way to engage its users. Posted Using LeoFinance…

How do I make my daily fast food

▶️ Watch on 3Speak hi il mela and this is how i make my dinner easy and quick ▶️ [3Speak](

Any Thoughts On the Rising Inflation

CPI today came in at 6.2% after being told it was transitory, we have been living in month over month rising inflation. What are your…

**Morphe James Charles Palette**

MORPHE X JAMES CHARLES Unleash Your Inner Artist When James Charles says you can create anything, he means it. For. Real. The color…

Texas Roadhouse Appetizers

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Yet when out to dinner last night here's a small sample size of our a


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Cooking Every Indians Most Favourite Instant Noodles In Just Two Minutes

Hello every one in this blog i will we sharing that how to cook every Indians Every Indians Most Favourite Instant Noodles In Just Two…

Special Iftar with Indonesia Local Food

Iftar is the time to enjoy food. It is likely what exists in every Muslim mind who does fasting. A long time ago when I was a kid, a time…