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The Truth About Elon Musk!?

Hi Hive, wow, i knew Musk was "full of sh.." ever since i heard about his Neuro-Link. Also the way he "played" BTC this year was…

Begining the journey

Hi friends, I'm currently at a point like when Frodo goes out to destroy the ring. I have some fear but I know that I have to start my…

Cryptocurrency: More Than Just About The Control Of Money

Cash is dead. Make no mistake about this. CBDCs will kill cash, increasing the powers of government exponentially. By adoption a truly…


There is absolutely no doubt that society is heading towards all things automated era at quite a pace. @taskmaster4450 has dedicated…

Controlled Opposition and Divide and Conquer

Hi Everyone, I previously discussed controlled opposition in my post/video [Controlled Opposition Explained as a Game Theory…

Let's help build an alternative economy for the world

I was pleasantly surprised by the reception of the story of my friend [Derman](

Boiling Waters

The past year and a half has proven us the extent to which the current governance systems can get corrupted, "how transparent" and in the…

A Post Worth Your Time

How much is your time worth? Wait, wait. The way you answer this is what matters, not the answer itself. Do you answer this from…

Want Freedom & Online(Passive) Income But How?

Today I had an intense discussion with my boss about work and crypto. He believes crypto is a scam and that workwise, people have become…

Cryptocurrencies On Week-Long Fire Sale - As Positive News Continues

The market cap of crypto is currently 1.3 Trillion dollars, down from a high just weeks ago of 2.5 Trillion. Skimming the major…

Did Kenny's Golden Touch Just Strike Again?

So, as you might know, I [published this article](

Ignore Hive at your own risk... “The government makes it clear that no Chinese version of Elon Musk can exist in the Chinese crypto market”

OK, the greatest communist country in the world that has ever existed and still exists, the one that marches towards total control over…

What is KYC? Why is it so important to avoid it whenever possible?

KYC stands for "know your customer," and comes from organized crime syndicate ("government") rul

My crypto passive income (May 2021)

Here is my third monthly passive income report. It's probably the article I enjoy the most writing as I'm really excited to see how my…

Have you been watching the inflation? How is your savings? How about that 401K? Do you have CDs? - Do you think that works out well?

I suspect most of the people if not all of the people reading this are informed enough that what I am writing about in this post is common…

Which way will BTC go next? VOTE NOW 140621

Which way will BTC go next? VOTE NOW 140621 Bitcoin bounced back to 40,939 thismorning and the question I have b

What good is your crypto without power and internet?

How often do you run into people asking you what good crypto is going to do you during a power outage or an internet outage? I know I…

Bringing Tools for Freedom to El Salvador

Today a group of a couple dozen plus passionate entrepreneurs, founders, technologists, innovators and more are spending the whole day in…

Clogged Ownership

One of the issues of current financial systems that cryptocurrency is meant to solve is cross border transactions done with ease, quite…