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Wie die Familienpolitik Familien schaden kann / How family policy can harm families

Heute mal ein älteres Paper (2008) vom Liberalen Institut aus Zürich, geschrieben von Pierre Bessard (Schweizer Publizist und Ökonom…

I have officially lost my $55,000/year salary from USPS

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The Power of Opposition in the Face of Growing Tyranny

Hi Everyone, The world has entered one of the darkest periods in recent history. The response to Covid-19 by almost all the world…

Los gobiernos no pueden comprender, controlar, ni detener a las criptomonedas!!

Mientras avanzamos cada vez más hacia un mundo más descentralizado y libre gracias a las criptomonedas y a lo que significan, nos…

Monday Morning Hive New Week Vlog!

Talking crypto (Hive mainly) then the state of the world in 2021 today and rise of fascism in the west. If that’s to deep for ya check…

Canadian Charter of Vaccine Passport Rights and Freedoms

WELL look at that. You already have the rights freedoms ability and choice to do what you want. They cannot change this document just…

The African's Dream Series: Letting Loose and being free to dream

For many years Africa has been known to be a land filled with untapped potentials, and as these potentials mature, there is a need to work…


Dear followers, @onealfa @onealfa.leo @leovoter and his friends has decided to downvote all my post, even those which has not been…

Mach die Augen auf!

Bildquelle - pixabay **"Wenn Du der Liebe begegnen willst, dann schärfe Deinen Blick für


Quelle des Bildzitates: Pixabay "Die Fühler des Lebens sehen nicht - sie tasten. Die Sinne der Lieb

The Great Crypto Burn of 2022

News Flash! ..as of 2022 the supply of all crypto currencies will be burned! [img](

Hive To The Moon & Then Up To Venus!

Jesus Christ, new ATH!? Hive worth 3,36 $ 😋 I couldn't believe my eyes this morning!😍 🤑 The coin fell back a little to 2,80$ but is…

Hive is making me more money than my day job

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My job just sent me home from work because I refused to wear a mask

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Hive Gave Me The Balls

I often read posts around here about people living off earnings from Hive, I would just imagine and be glad Hive is really of help to…

Is the price of using the Ethereum Blockchain too high?

For me the appeal of blockchain and crypto is empowerment. I see it as an enabling technology that individuals can innovate and use it to…

An update on the status of my 8+ year career with USPS

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Thanks for your Votes - Best Camp in New York

It's time to vote again We can only be 1st with your help! ![Steem line 2.png](

Cryptocurrency: The "Life Changing Money" Opportunity

There are opportunities that come along in life that can be truly transformative. For those old enough, one that was major was the advent…

The 4 Horsemen of Economic Freedom?

According to Brian Armstrong, there are 4 key variables to consider when the topic is Economic Freedom. Today, I decided to go over each…