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Bitcoin FUD yet nothing has changed..

Another day and more nonsense for Bitcoin. Death cross talk and other blah has infested the narrative over the weekend. Even our precious…

Bitcoin sotto i 30.000$!! (Ma poi Rimbalza)

Ciao Amici!

El salvador Vs. EL FUD: Who will win?

Since a few weeks ago when El Salvador said that it would implement bitcoin as legal tender and that the entire population could pay for…

This Is Fine

Nothing to worry about. Totally fine. Everything Is Great! This is clearly still a bull run year, a meg

Crypto market cap all time low amid China FUD

Lately, the crypto market cap has been correlating within 24 hour a new all-time low was made bring crypto total market cap below 1.3…

Bitcoin: Massive Manipulation by Whales and Institutions

Manipulation has been going on Crypto for a very long time. The market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined is around 1.7 trillion…

Bitcoin ESG Narrative Is A Joke That Has Gone Too Far

Hey Jessienvironmentalists The energy usage of Bitcoin has been the centre of debate for years, but 2021 seems to be the year where this…

Baking a Crypto Crumble Pie

Ingredients 2 Cups of Elon FUD 2 Cups of Statist FUD 3 tbsp ransomware cyber attacks 1 tsp confiscating BTC funds of…

Bad news for crypto: China FUD and Trump

Hey folks, It's been a while since I last posted anything about crypto or my prediction on any coins. Actually, it's been a very bad…

We've Entered Another Multi-Year Bear Market!

That's the sentiment I'm getting from quite a few cartoon characters on Twitter, some of them being rather influential. I'm here to say…

Market Watch: Hell Freezes Over

One of Bitcoin's biggest bears: Ray Dalio, admits that he owns Bitcoin. He also admitted that he didn't really know that much about…

Tons of FUD against bitcoin, and much more to come.

Hello everyone... Everyone knows that it is nothing new the great hatred and disgust that JP Morgan and the IMF feel towards bitcoin…

When you Can Earn The Most?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I have recorded this video as a continuation of the previous one which I have published on Hu

BITCOIN BTC / USD and ETH ANALYSIS UPDATE Intraday time horizon 14 June

The MACD is positive and hovering below its moving average. 38245 is our pivot Predictable scenario: as long as support at 38245 holds…

Musk Says Tesla Will Accept Bitcoin Again

source Elon Musk said the company

No, the FBI did not "hack" Bitcoin

So, Colonial Pipeline had some "ransomware," sent millions of dollars in BITCOIN (a com

What The FUD? Crypto & Mental Health

Image Source Wow! Plenty of uncertainty in the crypto markets flying around at the moment along with the fear and doubt thanks t

Bitcoin Climate Issue: Threat or FUD?

Bitcoin shouldn't be mined like Blood Diamond. You watched the movie Blood Diamond, right? If not, you should watch right away! Here you…

Summer Is Going To Be a Dark Winter? The Wyckoff Manipulation Theory

Sounds like FUD right? Is it? Is the bull run starting back up? Or is the bear market going to keep strong? How long is the bear market…

Cosa stiamo facendo? Riflessioni sul perché siamo nel mondo (crypto)

Ho ragionato molto sull'opportunità o meno di scrivere queste righe. Scrivere un articolo di opinione è sempre una questione delicata, ma…