LEO Tokenomics

You can leave the light on

While I was scrolling through Leo Finance posts, I came across @therealwolf asking for the power consumption of running various Hive…

To be a King, you need a Kingdom

The other day, I consolidated my CUB pools into the CUB-BUSD pairing to minimize the risk on BNB fluctuations against CUB, as well as take…

Sleeping through the dips

I should just never go to sleep. Every time I do, I feel like I am missing out o opportunities, which technically I am, as I can't do much…

Demand for the supply

A lot of what we do in crypto obviously focuses on tokenization of activity and then, the value of those tokens, with most seeing…

Lost your shirt?

Tomorrow is only Wednesday, but for me, it is going to be the start of the weekend, as Thursday is a public holiday and I have used some…

What is mining who

My writing is pretty much me reflecting on my experiences and observations of the world around me, with two core intentions in mind. The…

If I were a gambling man...

Out of curiosity, how does reading headlines like the one below make you feel?

More surprises to come

It is late Saturday night, the girls are asleep and I have a glass of nice wine from near where I grew up sitting by my side. A perfect…

100 Days of Green

DeFi is quite an addictive ecosystem, as the yields are just so incredibly high, although the associated risks are high too - but are they…

Why moon?

It is pretty interesting to se how various people react to declining prices, with some who were "all-in" just a few days earlier, reacting…


It is Mother's Day tomorrow and - I thought it was next weekend. Oops! Normally I am on top of these things, but with so much going on…

Can Hive be the change people seek?

Be the Change. We all see the world a little bit different to the person next to us. How we interact with what we see around us

Decentralised Finance Is Future Effect

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Litecoin Overbought

Litecoin overbought? The LTC/USD daily chart shows its RSI at an inflection level near 79.02. That is 9 points above the overbought…

Emprender En Tiempos De Crisis - Desde Venezuela// Undertaking in Times of Crisis - From Venezuela

Hace días escuché que los políticos son los que están acabando con el mundo entero, persona que sobreponen sus interés por encima de una…

THE HISTORY OF CRYPTOCURRENCY | Before Blockchain, there was a fraud called Banking System | Ep. 1

THE HISTORY OF CRYPTOCURRENCY | Before Blockchain, there was a fraud called Banking System | Ep. 1 The evolution is now. Few understand…

Hello world I just Bought my first Hive NFT

this is a first for me as I have been more familiar with NFTS on the Wax Blockchain. If you wanna see what I got here's a link my…

Balancing the accountability

I was reading an article the other day where a full third of Australians believe they will always be in debt, which is probably a good…

Decentralised Financial Future

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CARDANO is very scary and dangerous

Source Nothing is more frightening , irritated ,scariest and a lot of mix feeling than waiting things that we know i