LEO Tokenomics

Monster Maverick Show Replay - 2021-07-27

In the spirit of the perfect being the enemy of the barely good enough, here's a raw upload of the Monster Maverick Show from…

Splintershards has delivered and exceeded any expectation

Splintershards launched today and the first airdrops landed in players accounts. SPS, which is the official governance token for…

Current Altcoin Season Index top performer: Axie Infinity Shard (AXS)

As we head into August 2021, the current top performer within the Altcoin Sea

Could Splinterlands be my greatest investment yet?

Splinterlands is living the most thrilling times since its inception and it is hard to stay on the sidelines and not to get into the…

Splinterlands Cards & SPS MarketCap: Could Splinterlands become a unicorn? 🦄

Denkt ihr, dass @splinterlands ein Unicorn werden könnte? Ein Unicorn ist in der Finanzwelt ein Startup, das eine Firmenbewertung von…

Splinterlands is EXPLODING - Play2Earn Gaming

If you've been keeping an eye on my posts then you know that for the past year I'm really into blockchain gaming and one of my favourite…

Axie Infinity | Withrawing SLP For The First Time

Two Weeks Later... All right! The first 14 day of grinding is behind me now and it's time to claim those shi

How to claim your Splinterlands SPS Airdrop and stake to earn 12.52 % APR

So I finally figured out how to Claim my SPS airdrop from Splinterlands … It looks like I will be getting about 17 SPS per day …

Getting their hooks in

A few weeks ago, I bought about 200 UNTAMED Splinterlands packs for about 400 dollars on Hive-Engine and today, I opened them all and…

It's Been a Week of Millions! First LBRY, Then Splinterlands! (Plus Something Big Coming Today)

Hello there beautiful humans! First, LBRY cleared [one million users, AND one million blocks](

Splinterlands Exceeding All Expections ~!

Hi Everyone, I'm sure many Splinterland players couldn't work, sleep, got on with life the last 20 odd hours like myself. The SPS…

Muterra - Pre sales is launching tomorrow

Muterra is the next big gaming project on Hive. For people who are hearing about Muterra for the very first time, I would recommend…

Don't Ignore Blockchain Gaming .:. Hump Day Easy Talk

I had some interesting talks during my vacation, and I will have in the next couple of weeks... Mostly with people who aren't in the crypto

Evolving Pay to Earn with Play

Now I know nothing of Axie Infinity, mainly I think it is Eth based so I will leave that for the snobs... As a pleb, I mingle a bit on…

Diamond Blisters and Dilemmaland

Look ma I made it!.... And I'm out again. I know I'm sounding like a broken record at this point but damn has the competitiveness become…

Don't miss out on Crusaders of Crypto: Low cap CryptoGaming Gem

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Complete Review and Walk through Crusaders of Crypto. This roguelike game is up and running

[email protected]

[email protected] was the headline I read on the career page of our local newspaper today morning. To be honest, I was like what? Only now…

24th LeoFinance 🐯 curation digest

@HODLCommunity presents to you the 24th LeoFinance Curation Post We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most im

dCity Digest July 26, 2021 - What's the dNews around #defifarming with SIM-backed NFTs

Welcome dCitizen to this edition of the dCity Digest dCity.io is a DeFi-Farming platform encompassing a game economy built with NFT…

Splinterlands (SPS) is alive: To the Moooooon!

The Splinterlands (SPS) airdrop started yesterday and was a complete success! The data for a few days already described a substantial…