LEO Tokenomics

MetaHero - A BSC cryptocurrency backed by a physical 3D scanner

Metahero (HERO) is a BSC cryptocurrency that is backed by a physical 3D scanner that can scan real-life humans into avatars or any other…

ONEUP Liquidity Pools are the sweetest on TribalDex

1UP community makes the right moves at the right time and while this tribe is fresh like the hot breath they moved quite fast and…

Is PSYBER X the next groundbreaking blockchain game on Hive?

I got onboard on Splinterlands since its inception, participation in the presale, and that rewarded me unimaginably. Now there is another…

Bitcoin: A System For All People

Love it or hate bitcoin will continue to rise. My advice is to not use it if you don’t like it. Or better yet continue down the path of…

Two more days until my first batch of Chaos Legion packs!

Yep, excitement grows day by day, with every drop of vouchers. I'm now only two days away from buying my first 100 Chaos Legion packs…

LVL tokenomics and Utility within PSYBER X -Phase 1

Lvl Tokenomics and Utility We want to say a thank you to everyone that has been with us so far. You all have been amazing, and we’re so…

PipeFlare - Free Play to Earn Games + Daily Drips of Crypto

howdy Good morning all you beautiful people! The weather is nice, the coffee is hot, the weed is dank, and uh.. Well I couldn't think of…

Smart Investing? Most rare NFT thus far

Am I just following the trend persay? Riding the wave? I find myself looking at Splinterland anything... But, I am also thinking about…

WARNING: Don't Get Ripped Off on Chaos Legion Packs on Hive-Engine (Or Vouchers)

Alright folks, it's important that we have a talk, because ever since the Chaos Legion pre-sale began, it has become quite clear that…

dCity Digest October 22, 2021 - What's the dNews around #defifarming with SIM-backed NFTs

Welcome dCitizen to this edition of the dCity Digest dCity.io is a DeFi-Farming platform encompassing a game economy built with NFT…

Marketplace Improvements

We have finally updated the in-game marketplace to make it a lot easier to find the cards you want and compare prices. ![Screenshot…

Crafting Alien and Space on R-Planet Manually - My Experience

I wish I could get that hour and a half back I just spent a ridiculously large amount of time crafting 2 elements in R-Planet. Why, you…

Splintershards (SPS) Price Analysis 10/24/21

The last few weeks have been quite the rollercoaster ride for Splinterlands players! We saw the launch of the new VOUCHER system on the…

Elven Cutthroat and Cunning like a netherling queen | Splinterlands Battle Challenge

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Elven, be cutthroat and cunning, think like a netherling queen! And this is how Elven Cutthroat

Splinterlands - Discovering all the game cryptocurrencies

Splinterlands is the blockchain game of the moment, there is no doubt of it and Chaos Legion presale boosted the entire metaverse to a new…

Splinterlands Needs Your Vote!

Looks like there's a competition going on. NFT.NYC (@NFT_NYC) has tweeted a poll for the first annual NYC NFT Awards. The tweet indicates…

[rPlanet / play2earn] Just got my very first Mythic NFT -> Alien!

What can I say... I have waited a long time for it and have almost given up hope that I finally pull a Mythic NFT. Two days ago the…

Economy of Voucher: The Efficient Market

Voucher Splinterlands pre-sale is finally live. Three days back we have started getting Vouchers, which are Hive Engine Tokens required…

🥉 Kenny Goes Undefeated! 🥉 #HivePizza #BrawlReport 🥉 Brawl Ending 10/20/2021 🥉

Hello again beautiful humans, to another #BrawlReport! Going into this brawl, I was really looking forward to maximizing the rewards…

Splinterlands Diary: Renting Prices Are Crazy, Should I start Buying Cards?

There's still more than 6 days and 21 hours left before the end of the current season and yet, the card renting market had already gone c