LEO Tokenomics


Video Guide: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:59 #Bitcoin chart 00:03:36 SEC 00:07:14 No-coiner opinions 00:08:10 PayPal taxes 00:09:59 'Come…

Hive explained: Article Six: Hive Wallet: convenience and security.

Hive Academy This series of articles is my attempt to point out some useful information, as well as tips for those new to Hive. I have…

Recognizing Your Value Attracts Money

Most people are prisoners of their minds and let money rule them. This is sad because they see money as an unattainable resources that…

Fake Crypto Messiahs and Irrational Skeptics

These days I get a lot of opinions and ideas on how the market will move, most people that predict the market and it eventually goes as…

Cryptocurrency can make saving the earth profitable

Saving the Earth your thing? There’s a cryptocurrency project supporting that. As I listened to Friday’s edition of Bankless, a popular…

Top 2 Coins of 2021 for some serious wealth

Video Guide: 00:00 Intro 01:38 Join the #CryptopKnights ➡️ 03:50 Salvation Army accepts donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum! 06:00…

Tesla a brilliant investment or investment bubble pumped up by carbon credits

If Tesla is only profitable because of carbon credits should it be in the S&P 500? Investing is a tricky game, and most people prefer to…

Hive Explained: Article Five:The Reward Pool and Upvote System on Hive

A Single Candle Can Light A Hundred Other Candles. . The title is the first phrase of a poem about a single candle being able to…

Celebrities Are Investing In A Decentralized Blockchain Music Streaming Platform

The world is evolving and changing, it’s right the music industry benefit from this change and technology. If you are a music lover and…

Errors that drive away abundance in our lives

Many times we make mistakes on a regular basis that condemns us to remain poor, since by not changing habits, thoughts in our lives we…

Would They Ever Learn? : Ponzi and Quick Money-Making Schemes.

Source In November 2015, a website launched in Nigeria describing itself as a "mutual aid fund where ordinary people he

REGIONAL PRESS : First announcement

In the coming day, the new community REGIONAL PRESS , will present more than 10 orignal offers in the ecosystem of the HIVE Blog…

Project Report 9/16/2021

Shortsegment Projects Report 3rd week of September. No Loss Lottery Summary The No Loss Lottery is a Prize Linked Savin

El Salvador government buys 150 BTC during recent dip

El Salvador made history by making BTC as a legal tender in country. It is the only country on planet who adopted BTC as a national…

🎥 Обзор Криптовалютного Рынкa | 21.09.2021

Здравствуйте, дорогие зрители! В этом видео я проанализировал ценовой график Эфириум (ETH/USD), используя технический и свечной анализ…

Why Binance suspended some Nigerian users account

Source Due to recent scam update, Binance has suspended the accounts of some Nigerian users account with suspicious activit

Blockchains Core Concept: Crypto tokens live on the blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Tokens belong not to people, but to the blockchains. I was reading a blockchains textbook and I had an aha moment.…

SHOCKING unbelievable Walmart Litecoin partnership

Video Guide: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:40 #Litecoin and Walmart 00:03:42 #LTC chart 00:05:31 Gala 00:06:30 Smarter rugs 00:07:24…

FTX Acquires SEC Certification In Bahamas

FTX has been seen making a lot of moves through its acquisitions and partnerships, but leaning with regulators is one of their greatest…

Friday Finance 9/17/2021

Well, it is time again for another Finance Friday. This is a series I started where I talk about random bits of financial stuff that I…