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SPS: Your New Favorite Token

Welp, the big day has finally arrived! I’m sure that there’s a wide mix of emotions in the wake of Splinterland’s [BIG ANNOUNCEMENT](

Splinterlands AMA - SPS Governance Token

Please find a two hour discussion of the new token SPS and the whole ecosystem that's coming on board because of it! Good times!

New Governance (and Staking) Token For Splinterlands

Splinterlands finally revealed yesterday what the new addition to the game will be: the governance token called Splintershards (SPS)…

The first Nexo community vote (governance vote) is just over...

A few days ago, I wrote about the upcoming Nexo governance vote in which the community members could vote about whether they wanted to…

Why to create a special account for a particular tribe ?

As many of you see, that the rules and ethics may differ in hive and other tribes. Most of the active tribe members have a special…