LEO Tokenomics

How Will Polygon CUB Handle Single Asset Staking?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak This question came up in one of our previous AMAs and in a few chats on Discord about t

CubFinance V2 Day! | Tutorial on The V2 Migration, Rollout Schedules and 0 Deposit Fee day!

Hey everyone! It's been a long-time in the making and we are finally making the leap to V2. The migration has begun with the first major…

Creating a curation economy

It might sound like a pipe dream now but one day, I think it will be a thing. For what it's worth, there are already people making a…

LEO Finance is the best source of crypto investment opportunities

Each of us found a home on HIVE blockchain through the established communities from here and mine is Leo Finance. Why have I chosen LEO…


If anyone that's not into crypto would ask me right now what's the most important quality he/she should develop to make this crypto…

The New Normal is Nothing You Have Imagined, Klaus Schwab!

"You will owe nothing and you will be happy". That's the narrative the elites are trying to promote as a way out of a programmed pandemic…

Calculating Hive Curation Rewards Using HiveSQL

There probably are already tools that calculate curation rewards out there. But it is fun to do so programatically. We could get such data…

AskLeo - What Are You The Most Excited About Hive?

I don't know if you've noticed but usually during bearish times when the prices of cryptocurrencies are on a downward slope the energy of…

How do we know crypto isn't a scam?

If you're here on Hive as a committed Hivean, you may know what Hive is, how it came to be and understand a little of what's going on when…

Hive Progress Report on 19-September-2021

Hive blockchain is the place to be as you can earn from multiple layers of communities. One thing that I have learned since I am in crypto…

FUD is an Opportunity to Buy more

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt which is also known as FUD in short play an important role in the crypto market. I got to know this word…

My monthly #hive income & a question about hive-engine tokens

Hi everyone, As most of you know, the past few months there's been some new things in my life that have been keeping me at a distance…

Movers & Shakers of the LEO top 100 - Week 37 - 2021

This is a snapshot of what has happened among the top 100 on the LEO richlist during last week. Picture by

LeoFinance Weekly Dev Update #6 | Mobile App v0.0.10, Marketing, Major IDO Details and V2 Migration

In This Week's Update: LeoFinance 10 Major LeoFinance Mobile App Iterations (Version 0.0.10) App On Track for October 1st MVP…

Leofinance stats September 20, 2021

This blog contains an overview of the blogs and users that received the most votes and comments yesterday. I've also included the total…

New Learn & Earn (Crypto Opportunities)

I never say no to .. an easy dollar (or two, or three) - especially when it comes to crypto! The easiest crypto I have won is the ones…

How Long Do We Have?

source When I first joined Hive 42 months ago the biggest fear was I was too late and that I was going to be swamped by a wave on new…

Hive Price Dumps Today

Hive price fluctuation effects all of us who are on hive blog and on hive Blockchain either playing NFT based games like Rising…

Viva "El Dictator"

Bitcoin is having its best bear market ever, "according to analysts", but there's no bear market for Nayib Bukele, the president of El…

CUBLIFE (CL) - Weekly report #19

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, LBIer's and CLer's. Welcome to this weeks CUBLIFE (CL) token update. We are going to look at this…