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Dr Muhammad Waqas IntroduceMySelf

Hey Friends I am Dr Muhammad Waqas from Pakistan. Currently Studying Pharm-D from University of Swabi. Say Welcome to Me. I hope you…

Unexpected Wheels of Fortune

source Never give up has been a popular mantra used in variou

Balancing The Books - Formula One

source **Compared to other sports and the challenges they have had to f

Splinterlands is helping to change the life of style of gaming || learn then earn to play|| my today quest life 19-sep-2021

hello splinterlands lovers! today one of the easy quest was, i just played few battle and completed my quest, reason was this that i…

first learn, then play to earn || splinterlands battle ground

it is my today big game, in this game mana was heavy, i selected the team, and my opponent also was strong,, so both side team played very…

Dallas Cowboys Hate for Eagle fans

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Take a small look at the eagles fanbase... Apologies if your stomach hurts af

New Advertising Payout for SportsTalkSocial.com

We just had another payment to the new bitcoin address for @sports-gov on Hive-Engine! ![Payment.png

Jose Mourinho prolific start of the season comes to an end

It was a fight to finish as Jose Mourinho men lost to a dramatic 3-2 loss to a stubborn Hellas Verona side. [ ](

Back to back wins for the gunners

After three consecutive loss for the gunners in their opening three games, Mikel arteta is really getting something right after back to…

Match Preview | 18.09.2021 | Game Week 5 | Premier League | Liverpool v Crystal Palace

▶️ Watch on 3Speak HI All, Do you agree with me about my predicted line up for Liverpool? Whats

BCH Community Exclusive: UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football

UEFA Champions League Fantasy Football The Premier League Fantasy League - Round 4 finished over the weekend and @bmjc98 wrote the…

Earn to play || Neutral Quest reward complettion |

splinterlands lovers! hope you all are fine and good, today my quest rule was splinterlands neutral , in this i had to win only 3 battle…

my victory in big battle

it is one more big battle that i won today, in this battle, my opponent team was very much strong than my team, but result was in my…

Season Reward Silver I || 18 Loot chests 15-sep-2021

hello splinterlands lovers! season went to end and i unlock my reward at the end of season so i got 18 loots chests and it was amazing…

If You’re Unable to Login, You Can Use Sportstalk.social

As Sportstalksocial is upgrading the site for SMT contract and NFT, probably most of us are unable to access the site through…

WoW Quest Reward after completion of snipe quest || my quest reward 15-sep-2021

hello splinterlnads lovers i'm back with an onther quest reward, so today i completed my quest with snipe , so i completed it very…

Football in 3 days .. On my way home #Vegas

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Just wrapped up a 11 day vacation in Las Vegas. #threespeak ▶️ [3Speak](h

Play and earn :My today quest reward with earth splinters

today i earned very good cards in quest reward i won 3 splinters card that are very much good, i will use them to increase my monster…

biggest game, and my victory

this battle was not easy, reason was this , my opponent was very much strong, he/she had great big level cards, but i have only lvel 1…