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Six (6) Terrific Growth Indices as 1UP Community and ONEUP Token turns 60 Days old

Its December and it marks the 60th day from the announcement of the creation of the 1UP community o

Register Bxie Infinity - Get your first NFT for FREE

so here is the thing i'm the one to introduce to my 'hive-family' Bxie Infinity ​but [email protected] is the one to get the most…

Rabona - Season 56, Snow Lions 11th, Remain In League 1

Rabona - Football Manager at its finest* It was the first season for the mighty Snow Lions in League 1. In the beginning, it didn't…

Looking ahead NFT collections to watch on WAX & HIVE

Hindsight is 20/20 it's easy to spot a NFT collection or crypto once it spikes to the Moon. This is why I think that I will try to…

PsyberX Giveaway - tell me about cyberpunk and win LVL tokens!

Hello my friends! In the previous post I explained why I decided to get involved into PsyberX project:

Pizza Browser Extension & My Tribaldex Liquidity Pools

Came across the Pizza browser extension today. Has great quick links for hive blog & Hive-engine games! Also below I'm sharing my peasant…

Splinterlands Season End - Rented to Silver I with Higher rental fees and Lower Rewards

My highest card I received this season was a Rare Naga Assassin. I was hoping for something a little higher but I will take what I can…

NFTs I got from Friends

Well guys, I am a skater from the skatehive and enthusiast of the LBRY and HIVE protocol and those are some NFTs that I got, mainly as…

Brawl Update: My Worst Brawl Performance

Overall guild performance ![image.png](

How do I become a Magnor Slayer

This is a legendary monster from Fire splinter. It is also a monster form Untamed edition. Like other comrades he is also very formidable…

Hive now has a store you can shop at!

Feel free to use my link and check out all the crazy NFT's and merchandise that is being sold there. #oneup #spt #hive #

Reasons why I decided to get involved into PsyberX

Hello fellows, I recently (thanks to 1UP community and @dagger212) discovered another interesting blockchain gaming project on Hive named

Sipher - Game Review 01.12.2021

Hi, today I come to you with a review of a new Sipher project. I just chose it because the initial public sale starts on 06/12/202

Earning $500-$600 a day! Gala games Townstar P2E

Photo from Pixabay. No attribution required Disclaimer: This post is not financial advice. If you decide to make any purchases , you do…

Ein kleiner Beitrag zu Alienworlds - WAX / BSC [DE/ENG]

Hallo zusammen! Hier mal ein kleiner Beitrag von mir zum Spiel „Alienworlds“. Hello people ! Here is a small report from me to…

Splinterlands Lesson Learned - I missed up renting then bit the bullet and continued

This game is very addicting and fun to play. There are so many different aspects of the game that will keep you engrossed in it for hours…

I will be over 500+ OneUp per day for the next 40 days!

I didn't realize I would ever get this far but that's an easy 20,000 oneup tokens by January 10th. Still need to add about 7k more spt so…

The Sandbox Alpha Launches | Game Passes as the Entry point Item | and What to Expect

Hello Guys, have you heard?! The long-awaited Blockchain Open-world Exploration game is finally here and it's bigger than ever, Is it…

Powering Up ONEUP , Blockchain Gaming Related Token

Hello Friends! 1UP is a Blockchain Gaming Community that allows you to blog Blockchain Gaming activities in that community. The tag of…

Watch to earn report for 17 hours of twitch streams! A lot of tokens!

Watchtoearn report 25th and 26th of November For those of you who have not heard of the #nosleepgang and its awesome streamers, check…