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Splinterlands Chaos Legion Packs Opening! The FOMO is REAL!

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Gala settles down after amazing performance and new games

In the recent period, blockchain games have greatly flourished, and the Gala platform, which was founded more than one year ago, was one…

Splinterlands Season Review

Another season has come and gone which means that it is time to review the season ending rewards cards as well as the DEC earnings for the…

R109 Trevor/A Technical Drummer

Hola, Rockstars! Bitcoin is trading at 49K and Hive is rocking at 1.87 cents. If you are a music lover then you may like to hit the…

Water against Water but I have "Crustacean King 🦀"

I have played with water and magic against water also but crustacean king made the difference with its healing ability . You are like a…

I Am Become Death, Episode 6 - Splinterlands

THE ALMIGHTY GORLODON In this battle, I was a little worried because my monsters were outnumbered. ![Screen Shot 2

Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 12-4-21

Hi All, today I was bless with the Neutral quest, which meant I could use any team I wanted to as long as they don't include a Neutral…

How do I become a Magnor Slayer

This is a legendary monster from Fire splinter. It is also a monster form Untamed edition. Like other comrades he is also very formidable…

Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 12-3-21

Hi All, Happy fourth day of the new season! todays daily quest was pretty easy, I been blessed with a snipe quest! I absolutely

Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Episode 9 - Splinterlands

MITICA THE FINISHER Mitica riding in to kebab the enemies I love Earth Splinter. It's my 2nd favorite Splinter to use, especially…

Battle of the Day : 1 VS. 3 Torhilo the Champion

![Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 1.48.47 PM.png](

Mi primera batalla de Splinterlands


Beat Down of the Day: Oshannus got mobbed

![Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 7.29.08 PM.png](

R108 Ray/A Silhouette!

Hola, Rockstars! Bitcoin is trading at 56K and Hive is rocking at 2.33 cents. If you are a music lover then you may like to hit the…

Battle Of The Day With Pyre & Neutral Quest Reward

Hello gamers, I hope that you are fine. The perfect team to get from Bronze 1 to Bronze 2 in the shortest possible time. Magical Team…

Finally I have 16 Leo power on my leofinance wallet ..

Finally I have 16 Leo power on my leofinance wallet .. Good afternoon friends, how are you? I hope everyone is well and healthy. I am…

All About that Magic Life, Episode 7 - Splinterlands

Pelacor Conjurer Makes a Decent Mini-Tank (What I imagine a a Pelacor Spearmen would look like) I had a different Life Splinter…

Sharing My Battle and Today completed quest in splinterlands game (Sneak Quest)

Splinterlands game

Free Splinterlands giveaway🎁 (daily) + PIZZA / Regalo🎁 gratis de Splinterlands 🌟 (diario) + PIZZA #93


Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Episode 6 - Splinterlands

One-Man Unicorn Army Unicorn Mustang Victory Dance I was expecting a magic Water Splinter team but was met instead by the enemy’s…