LEO Tokenomics

Vouchers already over $20!

I was having a look at hive Engine, and the voucher price has already spiked up to over $20. This is incredible, the new packs will…

Summoner Spellbook Giveaway: Week 2

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Congratulations to @deraaa, youre the lucky winner if a summoner spellbook sponsorship. I'll se

My first battle with the Twilight Basilisk (2021.10.18)

I received this Rare card two days ago. A $20 USD card. Today I tried it for the first time in battle. Well, my first battle with it was a…

Why Am I Betting Big On SPT?

There sure is a lot of excitement in the air these days when it comes to Splinterlands huh? We're only a couple of days from the Chaos…

Hive Liquidity Pools: What are they and how to Earn from it

Liquidity Pools on Hive are the same as Liquidity Pools in the entire crypto market! (at least in

Splinterlands - A Review of New Chaos Legions Reward Cards

With less than a day to go before Chaos Legions pre sales begins I would like to look at the current Chao Legions Reward Cards and see how…

Chest Loot 17 October

▶️ Watch on 3Speak It was a Fire Quest which was absolutely exciting to complete, some victories from my side go

Splinterlands - Air Drop of Vouchers Begins!

The first day of Vouchers for the pre sale Chaos Legion packs have begun. The demand for Vouchers are astonishing to me... ![image.png](

How much did I earn in Splinterlands?

Brief History - How did I find Splinterlands In August 6 when I was started searching for an NFT Games that I can afford to play. I've…

Splinterlands - Region Plot Lands Sold for $700,000!!!

Source from Splinterland's Official Twitter Account: Today is a historic day for Splinterlands. A single asset sold for

My splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365 days. Day 25 One day left

Day 25 of the Splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365. It's already been 15 days playing, I have spent my first full…

Splinterlands Season Rewards (60 Loot Chests) in Diamond I League

EN Now the season is a few days over. In the last season I could place myself again in the Diamond I league..

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) TA 10/17/2021

As we go into the very last day before the Chaos Legion presale launch I expect the volatity to really pick up on both Dark Energy…

Double Dance with Dragons: Dragon Splinter Battles on the boarder of Diamond and Gold!

Friends, I've been getting my butt kicked around the Splinterlands for the last 48 hours and, you know wh

Clearing Up VOUCHER Token Confusion

With all the buzz that has been going on with Splinterlands it seems that not many people can actually answer specific questions about…

Chaos Legion Three pack

Sitting on a good pack..hopefully!!! So, happy to get to open a pack or three in a bit. Like Christmas early!! Want to play: Join…

DJINN CHWALA Proves Reliable | Splinterlands

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ARMORSMITH happens to such annoying monster I dislike coming up against, I dislike it so much

Chaos Legion - Stop a Moment to Appreciate the Art! (+ Giveaway Winner)

In the euphoria of #Splinterlands $VOUCHER airdrop, let's all stop for a moment and appreciate the Chaos Legion artworks shown thus far.…

My splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365 days. Day 24 The time is coming

Day 24 of the Splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365. The weekend of truth is approaching, change of season and launch…

Greetings Splinterlands!

Hello all! This is my first introduction post so I figured I would give some background to who I am and what I am trying to accomplish…