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Veteran Monsters with Close Range ability from Chaos Legion - My top 3 picks


Legendary Card Delegation Promotion for EasyDeFi

EasyDeFi I have a project called EasyDeFi, which invests for others in Cubfinance, the staking-farming project on BSC. The project hel

Splinterlands - How Popular is Splinterlands.com?

Yesterday I wrote about participation of players in guild brawls and it appear to have been received positively. So I am somewhat…

Splinterlands - Limited Brawl Participation?

Splinterlands a couple days ago hit a milestone. The game had ran over a 1 billion battles. It is not clear if the battles included…

Splinterlands - Individual Card Rising Prices?

This may sound odd with current crypto market going down then why would Splinterlands cards appear to be holding up their value. Is this…

Splinterlands Strategies: Building a Silver League Deck with the Edge!

I have that itch to play again. Listening to the likes of @tarazkp and @azircon chatting about tactics does that to me. It’s all well…

Splinterlands - Best Untamed Cards to Pick Up

Hello again! As the market is in a huge downtrend, we are seeing tons of discounts on Chaos Legion cards and many of those are worthy of…

Splinterlands Economics: Competitive Advantage

Hello everyone! We are back again today with another edition of Splinterland Economics - a series in which we introduce a basic economic…

Share your battle Weekly Challenge: Shadow Snitch

This weeks battle is a card that I actually own, the new Shadow Snitch. While death wasn't that strong for me before Chaos Legion I am…

Splinterlands - Blood Lust Spreading Chaos into Brawls...

For those who do not partake in brawls may not have seen Bloodlust ability will not have the opportunity to do so with the latest Chaos…

Splinterlands - Playing With Feral Spirit (Weekly Battle Post)

Feral Spirit is a old card and I had posted a weekl

GRUND Pulls Off A Surprise Victory | Chest Loot

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Isn't the rewards just sweet? I think they are! Two Epic c

Now We Find Out Who's Here For The Game Or Here Just For Rewards

It is tough to see SPS and card prices so low if you've been here since October, but if you've been here for almost three years like me...…

Renting Cards to Stay In Bronze 1

Playing in Bronze again has been a bit of fun and showing that this game is very different in Bronze compared to gold and higher. The goa


▶️ Watch on 3Speak The markets are bleeding badly right now. It


▶️ Watch on 3Speak I am finding QUEEN MYCELIA a lot useful for my Earth Splin

Splinterlands Airdrops More Legendary Cards

Splinterlands continues to


▶️ Watch on 3Speak I wanted to share a recent post by @tardigrade123 abou

Finally! Credit Card Purchases for DEC and SPS is OPEN! (Final Updates)

Self explanatory cover image 😁 Recently with the slow down in Crypto-verse and the bearish sentiments all around, prices of DEC and SPS…

[ENG/ESP] I present my first Legendary: Hello mortals, I am Grum Flameblade.

The Grum has arrived to my deck, and he did it via airdrop, hitting the 0.2857 % probability that I got