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Splinterlands - April 2021 My Account Update (Weekly Post)

April was a busy month for me in Splinterlands. I participated in several brawls but also been trying to add to my Alpha collection. The…

ICYMI: Don't forget to claim your 12th Untamed Airdrop!

In case some of you missed it, another 100,000 UNTAMED PACKS is again once sold and that means the 12th of the 14 Special Airdrop…

FInally reached DIAMOND I ! Changing my Strategy next season!

After days of humiliating series of loses that made my win-rate for the whole season drop near 43%, I somehow got lucky today and…

Being able to buy STEAM games using Hive tokens sounds pretty exciting to me!

Yo to all the gaming community. We are quite new here and mainly love music, making videos and playing games! So this community feels like…

Splinterlands - Silvershield Bard Fun Time? (Weekly Post)

There are not that many one mana monsters in Splinterlands monsters but each splinter has at least one. In life splinters it has two…

Win-Rate slowly going down, now at 46.5%!!! Worst Season Everrrr!

Hopefully this is not the case but for some reason I am really getting the feeling that I am somehow marked as a ' BOT-user ' on…

I spend 28,736 starbit on new cards (road to 1K NFTs) |🎸| Andrewmusic [ENG | ESP]


Flexing my new 6-star Operator BLESHIMINE!

I'm not gonna lie I am a little disappointed here. The one I am really looking forward to pulling in the ongoing Limited Featured Banner…

Finally completed all 3 Acts of the Energy Amplifier Initiation event!

So many things left to do and so little time. I've been really busy lately that I don't have much time anymore to play ARKNIGHTS and…

Welcome 1 M starbits 😋 || Andrewmusic [ENG | ESP]


Level 125 + Shopping - Investing in new cards in Rising Star Game | Andrewmusic [ENG | ESP]


From 55.8% down to 47.5% win-rate!

With still close to 6 days left remaining before the current season ends, my win-rate is already down to 47.5%. If this continues to go…

Playing the fullstop Team.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak It's the Fullstop Team not just because it has the (.) as its name, but thi


Well who would have thought that me who complains almost daily about my daily ranked matches would be up against THE BEST OF THE BEST…

dCrops "starter pack" for sale - a chance to get in before the game begins

dCrops at is a new Hive game coming out soon. I'm very much not a gamer-type of person, but I'm liking this one. I like the…

Exode game - как получить свою NFT планету, пошагово!

English version under construction... Приветствую вас, в первую очередь обращаюсь к вновь прибывшим пилотам. *И так вы только что…