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Play 2 Earn: Million on Mars Land Rush

I imagine that even five years ago if you had tried to explain to someone the idea of play 2 earn, they likely would have been quite sk

Summary of the week - Giveaway 10K 2 winner!!!


Handling a large number of promises in JavaScript

In my bot for Splinterlands , I came across a problem on how to deal with a large number of node-fetch requests. It is usually around…

Replenishment for a month in Hashkings [ENG/ESP]

Greetings NFTHivers, today we are going to manage a little bit our actions in Hashkings, the popular game of our cannabis planting and…

Splinterlands jako pasivní příjem?

**Pomalu ale jistě se blíží chvíle, kdy Splinterlands úplně přestanu hrát. Přeci jen, na takové de facto mobilní jednoduché hry mě moc…

Daily rewards quest on splinterlands 12-1-21

Hi All, Today’s daily reward Quest was a Snipe quest which is relatively easy as you can use multiple splinters as long as you include on

Splinterlands - 4 Gladius cases opening. We won guild brawl and we looted over 7k merits!

Welcome Guys! in this video I open 4 packs. This is reward for guild brawl, which we won. I got over 7k merits for winning brawl with…


This is Weekly Challenge! ANIMATED CORPSE if you do not own the themed card/monster you are welcome to create a battle post and talk…

Opening chests for making Gold I quest. This time I will get something better? Check my post!

Welcome Guys! I want show you my rewards chests for making neutral quest this time. This quest can be really hard to do or be the easy…

SplinterLands Update Progress #2 | Daily Quest - Fire Quest

Hello everyone, hope you doing great and are in good health. Splinterlands is a play 2 earn NFT based game. If you have never…

Finally a good loot from daily chests in Splinterlands!

Welcome Guys! This time I want show you my daily rewards for making water quest. I had this quest complete in Gold I, because still I am…

My new best personal ELO rating record! Death quest completed in first day of new season in Gold I.

Welcome Guys! My new personal ELO rating record! I beat new ELO rating record in past season with over 3700 ELO rating, I was…

Let's talk about my beginnings in Splinterlands. [ESP/ENG]

Un juego que está sonando mucho y que estoy seguro muchos lo han visto por lo menos una vez en nuestro blog, Splinterlands, así es, hoy…

My daily rewards for making earth splinter quest in Gold I

Welcome Guys! Finally I got quest, which I really like to do, especially in Gold League. With Llama and Eastwood summoners making this…

Star Atlas Game NFT Play To Earn. // Juego Star Atlas NFT Play To Earn.

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ![Rosa Viejo Blanco Negro Moderno Grunge Reseña de Juego Miniatura YouTube.png](https:/

Plights Of A dCrops Farmer: Personal Experience

Source The previous season of Summer was a terrible one for me, i encountered s

The TAN Arena Box Sales and Opening

Good day all, I got to know about the Tan Arena from my guild mates, and decided to just try buying a common box to see if I get any…

Razer's portable console leaked for the first time

Razer's portable console leaked for the first time We here on the team really like the concept of portable consoles. In recent…

The countdown has started for our game to come out NFT Play to earn // Comenzó la cuenta regresiva para que salga nuestro juego NFT Play to earn

Avanzando a paso firme Tenemos el agrado de anunciar que esta semana se dio por fina