LEO Tokenomics

Call To Action - LeoFinance/Hive Witness

I've never done a call to action post before but I'd like to start shaking things up a bit here and start rewarding the teams that put in…

Cub Finance: How to stake in a FARM

I am going to talk about how to add liquidity to a Farm in Cub Finance . In one of my [previous post](

Users earning LEO , have they voted for LeoFinance as witness? Analysis .

Good evening to one and all . I hope you all are doing great . I have been doing some analysis of various projects here on Hive .…

PowerDown Debacle

Lot's of people are talking about changing the rules of the powerdown once again. Lot's of talk about 4 weeks vs 13 weeks. Lot's of talk…

LeoFinance Weekly Stats 05/10/2021 to 05/16/2021

Welcome to the weekly edition of the LeoFinance stats report. This is a weekly report covering May 10 through May 16, 2021. If you want…

Shill me your favorite coin - Earn a full upvote!

So, there is this little experiment I want to make but I am going to need your help. Of course, I don't expect you to help me for free…

It's Always Wise To Do Your Own Research

Even filthy rich folks can be slow. I'm pretty sure by now all of you have noticed Peter Schiff fighting his keyboard and spreading FUD…

It Depends How You Look At It

Yesterday I did a post about the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index , which was showing Extreme Fear. Today the index is showing Fear, which…

Everyone needs to know JavaScript

Automation is coming! Dey terk ur jerbs! All the jobs being created are unskilled labor jobs that pay near minimum wage. Fifty

How Low Can We Go?!

Looking at crypto in general, it's not looking good. Everyday it looks like the slump just keeps on slumping. Crypto is slumming it. And…

CubDeFi Marketing & Training Update/Completion

Just 5 days ago I said I was going to put together some marketing and training for DeFi and target it around CubFinance . You can view…

Bitcoin, How Low Will You Go?

It seems like bitcoin is at the mercy of Twitter these days, in fact, some recents tweets could be the direct cause of $42,000 dip. I…

Mastermind Events that Turn into Defi Crypto Onboarding

A handful of people know I shot up to Orlando FL the other day for a wealth masterminding event. This is essential a group of successful…

LeoFinance x CUB Weekly Community AMA Session #1 | LeoBridge, Kingdoms and LeoFinance in 5 Years

Yesterday we held the first ever LeoFinance x CUB AMA session. Each Friday, we'll meet as a community and do these AMAs to talk about the…

Hive: Guaranteed Life Changing Money For Your Efforts

This is a bold statement yet one I see playing out on a regular basis over time. In this article I am going to delve into many of the…

Invest in CUBs and sleep peacefully

The obsession with obtaining quick earnings is something that affects most of the users who enter the crypto world, the gold mine…

From Extreem Fear To Extreem Greed

The last couple of days were pretty interesting in the crypto world, Elon Musk's and Vitalik's action have caused some waves. I've been…

Peter Schiff is Wrong about BTC - Here's WHY He's Wrong

Schiff has long been an outspoken opponent of bitcoin as a money. His argument has pretty much been some form of the above tweet for years…

BSCBridge | 2nd Week Report

Here is another week of BSC Bridge report :) BNB > HIVE Bridge This week, there was an issue with the BNB > HIVE Bridge with how…

Is TikTok Making Us Dumber?

I am not a fan of social media. I have ditched facebook and instagram about four years ago and been only using twitter quite intensely the…