LEO Tokenomics

Not a Rule Breaker; A Rule Builder

The most atrocious criminals in this world ironically don't break any laws. They make the laws, and they construct them in such a way…

Curation: Fun PLUS Profits

The biggest fun in manual curation (on tribes I care most, and am involved most) - comes from understanding, that with my every mouse…

Bitcoin confirming new support.

Quite convincingly we are confirming support near $40k. This was a much needed confirmation, as we were flying high for 10 days in a…

The Keywords That Brings Most Organic Traffic To LeoFinance.io (Week #6)

The statistics within this post is taken from Semrush , and as I happen to get a weekly report that is called: *Organic Research: Pos

Ethereum Put in a W Bottom but Nothing's Really Changed, Yet.

Ethereum bounced off recent support for a second time and coupled with the rally the past week has created a W bottoming pattern.…

The Lion sleeps tonight, but I don't and I keep on powering up my LEO tokens

As the song says the Lion sleeps tonight, but I don't and I keep on powering up my LEO tokens and looking at the horizon to reach my…

Gaming: The Next Phase Of Cryptocurrency

We see cryptocurrency go through many different phases. It is all part of the evolutionary process. As we grow, we see the industry…

Bitcoin: Store of Value

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Ah, how I wished Can you still remember? February 2011, when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced blockchain…

LEO Burn Post #11

Last 24 hours statistics In the last 24 hours, Burn Bot 9000 has burned 43.182 LEO, delegated 4.318 LEO to @meowcurator and sent 0.479…

Top Hive Earners By Category | Authors, Curators, Witnesses, DAO | July 2021

This is a report for the top Hive earners by category for July 2021. Here we will be looking at the overall inflation distribution…

Zed Run Digital Horse Racing uses Polygon (MATIC)

Zed Run Digital Horse Racing now runs on the Polygon (MATIC) network. As somewhat

Hive Engine Volume Is At ATH! | Data On Deposits And Withdrawals

Another metric that Splinterlands is pushing up is the overall volume on Hive Engine. A lot of the Splinterlands assets are traded on Hive…

Bitcoin Price Bounce of the 10 Period Average Nice on the Monthly

Anyone who has read my charting posts knows I am a big fan of the 10 period moving average as an overbought/oversold tool. At the end of…

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan In the elevator YES, is it time? That was what I was thinking last week after those months of…

If you stop innovating in crypto space you die

Cryptocurrencies came to life as a remedy of the financial market collapse in 2008 in the form of a payment instrument not managed by…

Square is acquiring Afterpay in Australia's largest takeover ever.

Square, the payments company with Jack Dorsey as Chief Executive has announced its intentions to acquire Afterpay, the Australian based…

Are you mentally prepared for an early run up?

Every once and a while I think back to this [short speculation video](

Kingdoms UI Update | Data Displays, API Improvements and CUB IDO FAQ

We've got an incredibly long list of developments rolling out in the DeFi space. The existing UI has gotten over a dozen improvements…

Venture Capitalists And Communities

Many are beginning to see the value in communities and the potential as a basis for most everything. While this is certainly the…

LEO Burn post 119 - Earn curation and help raise/stabilise the token price!

These posts burn both LEO and BHT tokens, 50% for each (100% liquid BHT) these have already burnt over 700 leo and that will rise! lets…