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Cent Daily Digest (May 19, 2022) - Join this Writing contest on "HBD Savings & LinkBuilding"

Hey pals, maybe you'll love to check out this [LeoFinance Contest on "HBD Savings & LinkBuilding"](

Cryptocurrency and Economics

Photo Credit: Alesia Kozik We will now conclude our review and

Cent Daily Digest (May 21, 2022) - What's your view on the return and sell of the $7M USD STEEM stolen from users in 2020?

In case you missed this update by a top hive witness @themarkymark on the secret return of 14.5 milion

Bank of England chief warns over ‘apocalyptic’ food price rises

The Governor of the Bank of England has warned there is “very real income shock” coming from energy prices and “apocalyptic” food prices…

Cent Daily Digest (May 18, 2022) - pSPS Vault now available on PolyCUB; will this Improve the lots of SPS ?

Hours ago, @LeoFinance has successfully integrated the pSPS vault in PolyCUB . pSPS is paired with POLYCUB i

💯My Cent Power :50000 || %100 Vote= 40cent 😇

Hello, The Cent Community and my friends, 3 days ago I was planning to share every day.I would also like to thank @anadolu for the likes…

I Reached 33,000 Cent Power (@taseli)

Hello to everyone. The downtrend in the overall cryptocurrency market has also affected Hive. With the decrease in the value of Hive, a…

Coinmarketcap capitalization rank: Hive #141 📈

We are going through a period of high volatility, of distrust towards the crypto world, stablecoins, exchanges and everything that is…

Humble beginnings: 1,848.8 cent tokens successfully staked.

Hello everyone!!! I trust everyone is doing great today. To start with is a positive saying regarding success, it is obvious that fear…

Beginning My Cent Journey with 2K Cent Token Stake - 5K Goal in Mind for the Month of May

Greetings to my respected citizens of Cent community. It's time to build the Cent community to it's next level through community…

Another Milestone Reached: 31K Cent Tokens Staked Today - Hurray!

Greetings to my amiable Cent community, it's been an exciting day for me and I know it's a super fantastic day for you too. Setting goals…

Cent Daily Digest (May 17, 2022) - How will the 100k CENT ($661UD) burned affect the CENT economy?

It's true that earlier today, @anadolu burned 100,000 CENT tokens as he reported in this post . You can confirm the [transaction her

Bitcoin’s 3-day death cross reveals if BTC may hit $20,000

Everyone heads up for a price drop! If you are invested in the cryptocurrency market, chances are that you are wondering where Bitcoin…

Pressing Towards the Mark

source Tactically, before pressing towards a mark,the first and rightful thought in mind should be **What is the mar
4 mo

Apple marketcap now worth $3 trillion

Is this a bubble? It could be a sign of how much money the United States is printing, it could just be the correction of monetary…
10 mo

ETH Forming a Falling Wedge

ETH is now forming a falling wedge on lower time frames, We may see a retest of $1860-$1870 resistance line of the falling wedge pattern…

Hive ecosystem: First week and first demotivation

My role is to analyze the Hive ecosystem in order to optimize it Here is the assessment after 7 days When a new member subscribes to…

What Gives Polygon (MATIC) Value?

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Should I Buy Polygon (MATIC) in 2021?

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Introduction to Polygon (MATIC)

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