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My Introduction @mrnash as newcomers

my introduction Hi Hive lovers. How are you today, hopefully healthy always. Since this is my

3 New Beautiful NFT Artworks Added

3 New Beautiful Frankie Ravens Artworks Added Click Here To View The Frankie Ravens Collection ![3newartworks.jpg](

I just hired my first programmer ☺️😊☺️ and he got the job done! Hapi

So, I got tasked with making a web app. I was so busy making some parts of it that I could not finish it all in a reasonable amount of…

My introduction to Hive.

Hey everyone, meet me. Hello everyone! My name is Fadipe Monioluwa Daniel. Before I begin, I'll like to say a big thank you to my…

I just got kicked out of Namecheap and may lose all my domains 😭😂😭😂

Soooo, I hadn't read my e-mails in a long time, like since July lol. And I have around 12 domains registered in Namecheap. On August 19…

Splinterlands - Ranked Season Rewards 650 DEC

Finally I got 650 DEC from Ranked Season Rewards, I'm very happy and this is a Ranked prize from splinterlands. I'm even more excited to…

My introduction to Hive | Hey everyone, meet me

Before I start, I would like to thank my friends @starsstrings01 very much for introducing me to this great platform. M

Bloody Mondays and Sunsets

Remember my whole idea of selling a bit higher and buying back later and lower after a big drop as I had written here ? What sounds…

#HiveChat #50 En Español 🌎 📆 16 Sep 2021 ⏰ 8pm (Vzla) - 12am (UTC) || Twitter Chat 🐦

#HiveChat #50 En Español!! ![hive divider.png](

Splinterlands Art Contest !! Week 154! My Splinterlands Art Contes Art Character Name -LAVA LAUNCHER (EPIC Fire) Monster.

Hello Everyone, I hope Everyone is well. Today I am presenting to you a Art of a My Splinterlands Art Contest !! Week 154! My…

Cave Slug//My Splinterlands Art Contest's Drawing//Week-155

Hello Everyone!! how are you all?Hope all are good. I'm also better.Today I'm going to show you my Cave Slug . I did hard work…

Introduce me to hive world

**First of all I would like to say "hey everyone here" With great joy, today I enter a new world, and with great enthusiasm I believe that…

JIN LEE PRESENTS: "Thirteen Silences"

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed the video! ▶️ [3Speak](

NFT ART: Crypto Ball #19 The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal has been constructed of gold and rubies, reinforced with Lapis Lazuli stars. It is a circular chest that can only be…

MY FIRST EVER HIVE POST @21st September 2021

Self Introduction Hello Everyone, My Name is Martha Aka Sybill And this is my first ever post on Hive. I was introduced to this…


My Self Hello everyone. My name is Michael Mathew. This is my introductory post and I'm so happy to be here. ABOUT ME. Bolaji

What Actually Happens When She Texts You "Sorry I Slept Off" 👀

I was on twitter this afternoon when I found this crazy yet educative thread by Oloni "LADIES & LADIES only! I want you to DM me the…


Sometimes we don't know, this beautiful world was created for us. We often forget the Creator. Look down, there are still many who live…

Flower ,The tears of the bride

It's the bridal tearflower, the flower used often for the honey honey farm. ![img_0.6549465466600694.jpg](

Expression of young children when getting ice cream

Inggris indo This is the expression of children who are very happy when they get what they want like the ice cream they are…