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Bitcoin - The Serial Killer! 🤑

source Bitcoin Soars Again Hitting All Time High after a point of strong resistance and jumping ba

The evolution of bitcoin !

This is my participation to the following contest : [DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin](

Bitcoin: The Idea That Changed The World

It’s very hard to talk about crypto without giving credit to the person behind the idea,Satoshi Nakamuto, am very sure that if his…

DCC tag contest - Let's support #bitcoin

More than 3 months ago we created with @starstrings01 a great contest to support tags on hive blockchain ! We supported the f

Bitcoin - A Cryptocurrency? I Heard Of Bitcoin Not Cryptocurrency

I'm in no level to talk about Bitcoin as I can't say I know much about the coin except for the popular fact that it is the highest growing…


Photo source *A decentraliz

BITCOIN -Shady or the future of finance?

image source A few years ago I was misinformed ab

Let's Talk Bitcoin [October Journey So far].

Honestly I have been waiting for Bitcoin to hit All time high, since it broke $60k, after much struggle between $60k and $62k, it hit…

My Discovery Of Leofinancne || DCC Tribe Talk

What I love About Leofinace Leofinance as one of the great and striving tribe of hive block chain has a lot to be love,first and for…


There is a common saying amongst my peer groups when it comes to finance and investment. it goes thus, "if you must save, save in a…


The invention of cryptocurrency has been one of the greatest inventions globally so far . It pave way for a lot of individuals and has…

Newbie's: Welcome to Crypto

I know, that I don't know everything when it comes to do with crypto and trading crypto, infact i don't think anyone knows it all, if not…

5 % to DCC holders !

*As I wrote in the following post : DCC economics - Over 30% APR ! . I'll distribute 5 % to those who are holding more than 100 DCC…

The Leofinance Community - Dcc Tribe Token Talk

As one who's still a learner in crypto blogging, I may not know so much about this finance and crypto community but for the time I've been…

Cryptocurrency: A Sure Bet to Financial Freedom

Image by Executium in unsplash.com If freedom is not given on the platter of gold, then, it must be fought for by the

6% for holders of more than 100 DCC & 3% for all other holders !

*This is the day. 3 months after DCC was created. You can check that here : [DCcoin is created ! The total is 1 million !](

Why I Pick Cryptocurrency Over a 9 to 5 job.

Working a 9 to 5 job, when you're not one of the senior staffs or boss of the company can be frustrating for many reasons, you are…

Don't Take Trades That Will Cost Your PEACE Of Mind

Most newbie's traders either crypto, options, forex and stock market, think the market is a gambling place, so jumping into to any trade…

DCC tag contest - Let's support #crypto

This contest is run by @dcooperation community ! It supports tags in hive blockchain ! We supported the following tags : Community…