LEO Tokenomics

Rank #19!!! XD

Heh! I know it is still very early in the season to be happy about placing in my already desired Rank range ( Rank 11-20 to get those…

Mimosa Nightshade-My first ever gold foil legendary summoner yoo ;)

Mimosa Nightshade-Black beauty of Mortis LunaPic rocks :p I didn't know we can create wonders using Lunapic. Today when I…

My Season End Rewards! Slipped through to Rank #21! T_T

Judging by the screenshot below you guys could probably imagine how pained I was waking up first things first in the morning and seeing…

Cerberus- A three-headed fluffy dog full of rage.


My Writeup for BCACTF 2.0! (Web Problem #3 and #4)

Continuation from yesterdays writeup. XD Web Problem #3: Movie-Login-1 I heard a new movie was coming out... apparently it's…

What is like playing chess everyday !

Chess is one of the greatest games was ever invented. It's a game for all times and centuries. I've been playing chess online almost…

My Writeup for BCACTF 2.0! (Web Problem #1 and #2)

So 3 days ago I participated on a CTF competition. It was just for fun though since I don't qualify to get the rewards ( Not a HighSchool…

The absorbing cube - Splinterlands battle theme

There are lots of new players joining Splinterlands even as I now write. It is exciting to be a part of all this, especially now when the…

Innovative Branding


Earn Unlimited Money For Doing Very Easy Task On GramFree

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Eaning money from online becoming more challenging

আলু দিয়ে ঝটপট গরুর মাংস

আসলামু আলাইকুম,সবাই কেমন আছেন? আলু দিয়ে গরুর মাংস সুস্বাদু একটি খাবার।অনেকেই ভাবেন গরুর মাংস রান্না করতে একটু বেশি সময় লাগে। যাদের এই…

The usefulness of time during the infant stage of ones business

When it comes to life in general, time is an important aspect that in any way shouldn't be toiled with. Whatsoever that you do with your…

Loose Change And Wealth

image It


well I ended up doing a shit here, I kind of made two posts in the same community and forgot to delete it and as I am kinda new…

Fraud Alert ! Scammers are on the Prowl.

So, how're you all doing writers? How about unmasking a scammer to you while many of you are looking for mentors in this industry…

The Shiba's


Tribute to my Uncle, the journey to find happiness!

My uncle is no more! There are many things in the world cannot be defined and it would be same in terms of relationship. We do live life…

100% Dcity Tax

Have you ever heard of 100% tax on something? Maybe yes or maybe not? but let me introduce to you Dcity and yes in Dcity I am paying off…

Why Should Entrepreneurs Have Friends

Good day everyone! I'm beginning a new series, which will be very interesting, informative and educative, titled, Why Should…

ঢেঁড়সের সাথে আলুর চটচটে ভাজি

আসলামু আলাইকুম বন্ধুরা।সবাই কেমন আছেন? আজকে আমি আপনাদের ঢেঁড়সের সাথে খুব সহজেই কিভাবে আলুর ভাজি করা যায় তা সম্পর্কে বলবো। উপকরনঃ…