LEO Tokenomics

Main Hive Investment Portfolio - Weekly report 17th of October 2021

Hive blockchain offers an extensive number of investments cases on the main assets, but also on the secondary layers integrated within…

Another tag for free money!

Here is something cool I learnt today that may interest all you hustlers out there! Just use the tag "hive-engine" on your posts for a…

HOW TO GET STARTED with a HIVE wallet in order to participate in PsyberX NFTs and Pre-Sale (or other game)

Hello and welcome to HIVE! We have a number of applications here that use our unique infrastructure, please take a moment to prepare your…

#MyHiveGoals - One Week Closer!

Here we go :) Another week of accumulation and the the excitement is on level 10 right now for the entire #Splinterlands community too.

Splinterlands - Price of each voucher in the market was so tempting

I was thinking of targetting close to 100 CL packs in total. In order to get 100 CL packs, I guess I will have to hold 100 Vouchers as…

Got 5 CPUs @apeminingclub

Hi, miners! The other day I saw this #APE token in #Hive-engine. Then a post of @trumpman gave me the impulse to try this out. I had…

Curation accounts, diversification and flexibility

I used to think that in order to do a lot of things, I had to have a lot of money first but over the past couple of months, I learnt to…

LEO Power Goal - CHECKED! .:. #MyHiveGoals October 17th, 2021

When I have created these goals at the beginning of this year, I was calculating how many tokens can I earn every month, divided that into…

Hive is Mining Crypto with your mind and brain

Most of the newbies I have brought into Hive are complete amateurs in cryptos and I believe that joining Hive is the best first step on…

My Hive Goals - Weekly Progress Report

I'm thinking that the progress was good as always. I'm getting a good feeling about Splinterlands now because it is giving me a decent…

She wants the D-city.

howdy pardner I just wanted to share some updated on my dCity. I've been throwing in HIVE every time I have a little extra. My Income…

Mondays are H-E Token Powerups - 250 POB, 50 LEO, 1,500 SPT, 200 CTP, 500 ONEUP, 150k SPORTS

Hi friends, it's Monday and there's no better way to start the working week with what motivates and inspires us to do more. I value…

500 Followers Celebration - NFT GIVEAWAY!

top of the mornin to ya Well, it's Monday. You can either hate it because it's Monday or you can choose to have an amazing day. I…

Some Features I'd Love To See On LeoFinance

I think that the @leofinance team has done a great job with running their AMA sessions and their new tech support feature in Discord. I…

Lazio Binance Sponsorship Continues Crypto Craze In Sports

Image Source I recentl

Why Am I Betting Big On SPT?

There sure is a lot of excitement in the air these days when it comes to Splinterlands huh? We're only a couple of days from the Chaos…

Earn sweet bee tribaldex.blog

Listen we all love to earn our sweet crypto but if we have to buy it we will but earning it is so much better. Someone pos

New Record!!! .:. WorkerBee PH-Pool Week 36

You have probably noticed that flashing RED color on the thumbnail for this post saying "NEW RECORD"! Well, it happened again! Records…

Funds stuck again on HE

That's not a mimi thread, but I think HE funds are far away to be decentralized. If funds are stuck there are 2 opinions. Funds gone or…

My long term portfolio building strategy - 10 TIPS to grow

Hello all, here is a post that I was asked about by some recent commenters on one of my posts, and something I have really been thinking…