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Updates to SportsTalkSocial Interface

I wanted to share some updates to the SportsTalkSocial.com website that should make using the site a bit easier for some sporting fans…

Oh God Things Are Closing Again - Amsterdam Tourism Update

Image source Well here we are again. The world is beginning to slowly

Unemployment Rates Went Crazy During Covid

Image source Introduction After hearing Biden hype up the fact that they added millions of jobs back to the US econ

Show me your #BeerSaturday - week 213 calls you to join

Summer and beer goes well together A good reason to refresh yourself and use this forthe #BeerSaturday challenge to show us your beer…

Do You Have a "MEMElord" Amount of MEME tokens?

Post by @holovision This is an idea I had for adapting the internet slang term "memelord" which Wiktionary defines as: A person…

Hive-Engine Weekly Developers Meeting- OUTPOSTS ON FRIDAY!

Hey all! Come check it out. Tribes 2.0 AKA OUTPOSTS are finally going to be here. It's the combination of your own token, with your own…

Rob's Leo All Stars #11 - @bitcoinflood

Image source Introduction: During today's scroll through my feed, I found this awesome [post](

I Got a Tribe for my Birthday

Earlier today I spent 3000 BEE token (worth over $700 USD at current value) to initialize ScotBot settings and enable both staking and…

OUTPOST is happening!

Will LasseCash be the first to create an OUTPOST? I don't know, but I do believe we will be among the first to do it and for sure I know…

STORY-TIME: How did LasseCash and Hive Engine happen?

A lot happened, but here are the key events seen from my experience and point of view. Thanks for listening. /Lasse

$209,230,287 raised PULSE

$209,230,287 raised in PULSE sacrifice phase day 1 That is a lot of money. Probably many who did

My top 5 cryptocurrencies

HEX Number one appriciating asset in the world in 2020, probably in 2021 also and in the future. PULSE Number one ETH fork…

HEX 6X from flipping Bitcoin

HEX 6X from flipping Bitcoin Do you even know HEX exists ? Maybe you do, maybe not but HEX is only 6x from being the biggest…

OUTPOST ALPHA nearly ready!!!

So, we're gearing up to launch tribes 2.0 OUTPOSTS. This is a viewable testnet site that I'd like you all to check out. Yes, of course…

Rob's Leo All Stars #1: @jfang003

This is going to be the first post of the new little segment that I am starting up where I highlight great posts and accomplishments by…

Establishing An Identity - My Thoughts

The other day, @raymondspeaks wrote this [awesome piece](

CENT token, a new tribe!

Before I even knew that CENT token would be a new tribe, I was already using the tag, and now I see @anadolu has managed to complete his…

FREE NFT minting, transfer and burn

July, NFT BlackMarket will launch the First Practical NFT Platform on smart chain. On NFT BlackMarket, you can tokenize anything you can…

A (Very Very) Basic Tutorial re: Hive-Engine, Part 1

In a discussion with another Hiver, he noted that he had a certain amount of funds in Hive-Engine, but wasn't sure on how to access them…

Splinterlands AMA June 25th, 2021

Please find the Splinterlands AMA from June 25 attached. Matt and I go over Splintershards, talk about YGG, and our ongoing Twitter ban.