LEO Tokenomics

Cryptocurrency: The Need For Risk Management

Everything we do in life has some level of risk attached to it. Thus, it is very important that we learn to manage risks properly. Risk…

LeoFinance - +70% APR Yield in Stable Coins? (Terra's UST)

Who does not want to earn massive amount of passive income. The dream of retiring and relaxing at the beaches all year long while…

Using HivePunks as a tool to onboard people on Hive & my punks on hive experience so far.

In the last few days, I've been preparing a little present for one of my best friends in the offline world: As you can see I grabbed…

Russia full ban on crypto

Insane Day to wake up to, Markets are bleeding.. well it's nothing new in the land of crypto. Damn this also happened last year it fell…

Hive Backed Dollars

Image Created with Canva Pro Hive Backed Dollars It's no secret that Hive has its own stable coin which is called Hive Backed…

Keeping HBD in savings for times like these

As of writing this post we are seeing some bloodbath in the market where some of the currencies are badly hit and there was one coin which…

Cartel Post Framework: How To Create Stunning Posts For HIVE Communities

*This post is a guide for the operators, writers and editors of the Cartel - as well as any other content creator on HIVE, Splintertalk…

Crypto Gonna Crypto

Nothing new here. If you have been venturing into the crypto industry for at least a couple of years now, then you have probably already…

ListNerds Newbie's Guide | How-To Stake CTP on ListNerds

Listnerds is my introduction to e-mail marketing At first, I was a bit overwhelmed and didn't think this co

Axie Infinity: The Gold Nugget That Started The Blockchain Gaming Goldrush

Axie Infinity: The Gold Nugget That Started The Blockchain Gaming Goldrush *With Axie, the Golden Age of play2earn has finally begun…

The Future of Rabona Game Rewards - Bigger and Diversifying

The 62nd Rabona soccer game season ended about 24 hours ago. I was privileged to receive 0.642 in addition to the 40.2 million RBN tokens…

LeoFinance - Osmosis For Terra Users

Although Terra projects are expanding rapidly there has also been growth in other blockchains that has some association with Terra. For…

Been There

Seen that. With BTC moving towards the $30k mark, there's a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt in the air at the moment. Understandable…

Leo, Splinterlands NFTs and second layer tokens; I want to buy the dip but I'm poor

Well here we go ladies and gentlemen, it is the weekend and I'm feeling the blues. Actually, if we're to get technical about it, I'm…

Multichain Hack: White Hat Hacker Returns 322 ETH, Keeping Hefty 62 ETH as Bug Bounty

(Source) Evening So in an interesting turn of events, few days aft

$1 hive is bearish, opportunity in Chaos and pack purchases has lost pace

Have you checked you Hive wallet recently? What you see there might not make for good reading. The entire market got kicked in the nuts…

3 Ways NFTs Will Sweep The Whole World Off Their Feet

It all started with developing a permission less peer to peer way of transacting value. That's what the first mainstream cryptoc

Providing liquidity in the LEO:ONEUP pool

Liquidity Pools on TribalDex are sweeter and sweeter and they are offering high APR% which you simply cannot resist. The LEO:ONEUP pool…

My thoughts on new airdropped cards

Heya Splinter fellas, Finally, I have achieved a 400k sps stake milestone. Currently, SPS price is not very encouraging but I am a true…

Recedes before a massive bullrun $100,000 easy.

Nothing new with these crashes.. or corrections, crypto is acting like a Tsunami.... water recedes before a massive 20 foot waves hit the…