LEO Tokenomics

Bitcoin MYK and BBD Dollars - Scams or Well Meaning but Confused?

I first came across BBD coin on Hive-Engine because it was showing a > 1000 % price increase, so it appeared high up on my tokens…

Sick of paying 1% fees on hive engine? - try https://beeswap.dcity.io/convert

Ok so I stumbled across this one and the best I can tell it is run by dcity, so it's got some backing Now when you move hive.swap in…

What do I get for this?

I am not a normal poster here because most of my posts tend to be something else other than finance or crypto finance related. Today…

Proceeding to Gold with filler

The progress on my main account Sayee was smooth until I met with 'village people' and dropped 200 points and I am still trying to climb…

When the CENT token shoots to the moon, then you know that the cryptocurrency market gone crazy (2021.10.21)

A very interesting and weird, but a pleasant surprise awaited for me in my Hive Engine wallet today (2021.10.21) afternoon. The fact that…

Not Able to Access HiveEngine : Try Peakd.com

What I like about Peakd is that it provides some very good features like what we are getting on HiveEngine. If in any case HiveEngine is…

Simple Inventions but Mind Blowing

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New Drone made Popsicles Sticks

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My first Dogecoin transactions to Coinbase (2021.10.04)

I successfully sent 3.4450 Dogecoin from my Dogechain wallet to Coinbase. I also successfully sent 18.47627 Dogecoin from my Hive Engine…

What gives Hive-Engine tokens value?

With the prices of Hive-Engine tokens like LEO dropping, we take a look at what gives them value. You’ve no

I am incredible sad to see the WINE project shutting down today (2021.09.25)

I personally did not used WINE much, but this token is (was) one of the best engagement encourager tokens, amongst other similar tokens…

FarmFarmer NFT Farming Token $FARM will Reach Pegged Value 1 USD?

FarmFarmer is NFT farming game in hive blockchain. The game is in silence and a few users in Hive blockchain know this game. I am one of…

A Way To Earn More Hive On Hive While You Sleep

Well there are lots of ways to earn Hive on the Hive eco-system while you sleep but the current one that has the best APR so far, is the…

Utopis Update

Good Afternoon Utopis Hodlers, if you are in my Discord than you know a couple of new things are happening for this project, Before I…

Power Up Day + Hive Stats!

#yo So today is one of those awesome days that comes once a month. Hive Power Up day. It's the day that we all power up our HIVE to…

APE into Ape Mining Club.

heyo. Hope you're doing well. I had an unexpected guest, a family member from back home, stop in and is staying for a couple days so I…


photo by @darkflame @finguru edit by me FUTURE PROJECTS OF THE TOKEN Hello to all friends and miche of hiv

Looks like engagement is shooting through the roof today (2021.10.05)

I am talking about the token. +386.89% in the last 24 hours. I wonder what causing this sudden surge in the price. Its (financial) value…

Welcome Back To $50k: Is Rektober Over? Are We In Uptober?

Well I really hope we are in Uptober and it should keep going up, because the news that ended September caused a big dip and no one loves…

Splinterlands giveaway 1/10 "demented shark"

Today as a give away will be common water monster "demented shark " this card is useful for mele attack with its ability . The card…