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Investing on Hive (Sidechains) Post 4: EPC Coming in STRONG!

Hive Engine (Hive Sidechain) Investments Even more EPC dividends being paid! You love to see it! :) 1st - EPC Epic Token…

GO ⚡ GO ⚡⚡ GOooo ⚡⚡⚡ faster 📣 communication!

(general updates about subjects I enjoy, HIVE and things I am doing around this community) The Opportunity Has Arrived Again…

Investing on Hive (Sidechains) Post 3: More Earnings! :)

Hive Engine (Hive Sidechain) Investments More earnings have come in from EPC while I still wait for SIM power to rise and hopefully…

Have an entrepreneur mindset

One of the most important things when starting any business is the change in mentality that we must make in this process, from being an…

3 New Miners To Buy That Earn $250 PER DAY!

▶️ Watch on 3Speak You could be earning $250 a day in passive income thanks to cryptocurrency mining if

Cryptocurrency Update ⚠️

The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry Wednesday revealed that Pakistanis possessed cryptocurrency worth around $20…

update leo, swap.state and swap.blurt prices on hive-engine

The development of token prices on hive-engine is indeed worthy of attention. These days @gamestate just launched their token on hive-

Simple Inventions but Mind Blowing

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New Drone made Popsicles Sticks

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How To Get Free NFTs From CoinMarketCap

The year 2021 should be noted as the year of NFT awareness, the way people are getting involved in NFTS is alarming making a lot of people…

Bullshit detector

So you think you know it all about cryptocurrency? And I wrote cryptocurrency and not "crypto" deliberately as I think the term "crypto"…

Natural future development

What is the natural future development of the human society based on the knowledge that I gathered? First let me shortly provide the…

My Experience In Choosing TRTL Over KCS

During the bull market season when we saw a lot of unexpected coin project hive a huge price spike, I was indecisive of what coin to…

Possible El Salvador’s Stable Coin Is Under Discussion

Ever since I heard about the Bitcoin legal tender, I have been excited about cryptocurrency and how it’s slowly changing the world. From…

Hive - 1 cent this year?

1 cent for Hive? When I wake up and see a major dip like 15-35% I get happy. I have sold much of my Hive at higher prices and are openly…

Best technology - 1 cent target

Best technology We have the best technology, yet the price and attention do not follow. Its Hive and Hive Engine I am talking about. I…

Nigerian High School Accepts Crypto payments neglecting country’s regulatory uncertainty

Just few months after the country banned financial institutions from involving theirselves with cryptocurrencies, this private high school…

Tribes, Communities, & Nested Communities … (reposted)

The original post (link below) was supposed to go to this community, but I accidentally posted it elsewhere. Tribes, Communities, &…

Reintroducing the One Strong Program

The One Strong Hive Account(@onestrong) uses the Hive blockchain to issue and distribute funds to Hivians through reward opportunities in…

Bear market is on!

LASSECASH, HEX and PULSE will prevail the bear market I have a strong conviction for a long time now, that LASSECASH, HEX and PULSE will…