LEO Tokenomics

The Gamification of NFTs and how to use it.

Text and picture by @romanrackwith and his post I like to introduce Roman

The Calm Before The Storm: Splinterlands Limbo

We need to escape purgatory Splinterlands is in a very strange place right now. With the recently announced rewards neutering, the…

ApeMiningClub Releases Quantum, (Google's Sycamore "RIP BTC")

I bet you have heard of Ape Mining Club a handful of times if not more. Like most games on hive its best to DYOR but at the same time…

Voucher's Last Stand: Splinterlands' Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Nears End

This post covers what's most important: this Splinterlands' Family. We'll talk about the vouchers, the possibilities for the pre-sale and…

SplinterLands:: All set for Buying CHAOS LEGION PACks. Awaiting the Right Moment...

Hey All; I have all the required SPs and VOUCHERs for buying 500+ CHAOS LEGION PACks. Only that, I'm waiting for is the hike/pump to…

Splinterlands Final Hours Are All A Buzz

Chaos Legion Final Hours: What's Buzzing with Hive? I thought I'd take a quick moment to post as the clock is counting down on the final…

Play With Monsters & Earn Free !BEER Tokens

!BEER & Monsters It Doesn't Get Any Better Then This!

Avoiding Debt, Diversifying And PobPunks

My dad's birthday party's happening this weekend. I honestly can't wait to be done with the festivities and return to my normal life of…

Investing in splinterlands to strengthen the water team.

Dear readers, a few weeks ago I was sharing with you my first experiences in splinterlands which have been very satisfactory, as I advance…

Rising Star Pack Opening Episode 8 out of 10 - Legendary Card where are you?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ![RS3SPK (3).gif](

Just Three Days Left

Doctor Blight Abilities Ability description ![image.png](http

Final 6 Hours of Splinterlands Chaos Legion Presale. $339,000+ to Take First Place!

This is it. The final six-ish hours of the @Splinterlands Chaos Legion presale event! I [wrote a post yesterday](

Road to GOLD III - Ranking Up in Splinterlands Without Investment?

Now that Chaos is out soon, I've been thinking of a strategy to crawl up in the ranking to earn more DEC and to be able to level up as…

New Purchase - Splinterlands

Moove aside, pitiful magic monsters. My anti-magic water general has arrived! Right now, some of the most powerful teams are those…

Need More Discarded Pizzas? || My Progress on Rising Star Game

Welcome everyone to my first post about Pizza @risingstargame. And for this discussion I will give tips (or clues) on the easiest way…

Splinterlands game week 2 update....

I have been inconsistent So, progress has been slow but still made some progress. ![Screenshot 209.png](

Chaos Legion General Sale (Phase One)

Click Here To Join Splinterlands Splinterlands Presale has ended. If you managed to get your hands on some presale packs congrats you…

[Live] BLANKOS BLOCK PARTY - Come Play With Me!

As you may already Know, Blankos Block Party is an Online game very similar to Super Mario Party with full of Mini-Games. The Game is in a…

How I'm Maxing My Splinterlands Reward Cards for "Free"

Sorry for the clickbait title . As we get closer and close to the Chaos Legion launch, I realized that I still had a long way to go to…

My Second Legendary Harklaw: This Big Black Panther and Hive went to Moon

Hi Gamers, This is amazing week, Hive is mooning like anything and another splinterlands openings its feather doing colaberation with…