LEO Tokenomics

Bitcoin price discovery nears: 100K an inevitability

With Bitcoin on the cusp of new all-time highs, the 100K psychological level remains an inevitabi

Does Fantom burn coins? The FTM deflationary myth debunked

Fantom’s FTM token does not burn enough tokens to be considered deflationary. For some reason, Fantom (FTM) seems to have a reputatio

Binance Coin (BNB) back in the spotlight

As Binance doubles down on BSC via a new $1B development fund, Binance Coin (BNB) returns to the spot

Do DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pools count for the SPS airdrop?

Discover whether DEC Tribaldex Diesel Pools count for the SPS airdrop an

How much is my Cub Finance LP worth?

A walkthrough for how to check how much your Cub Finance LP is worth Are you trying to check how much your

Tips To Be Rich.

8 things that change your life in one year. Stop complaining and appreciate little things every day. Do something for your future…

Sick of paying 1% fees on hive engine? - try https://beeswap.dcity.io/convert

Ok so I stumbled across this one and the best I can tell it is run by dcity, so it's got some backing Now when you move hive.swap in…

My Week In Review - HiveLIST, HiveHustlers, and Coin Logic Updates

No... It hasn't been that bad, lol...It's just been a busy week in the world of the dude! In this post I am going to be wrapping up my…

Help me decided who should curate my Leo - Win 10 Leo

Ok so someone pointed out with all the recent spliterlands hype and its associated tokens apt, sps and dec pumping that maybe some…

A Nice Refreshing COLA!

Each year, Social Security recipients usually see a modest increase in their monthly checks. The increase is called the Cost Of Living…

2021 Investment Goals - Progress report

With this account I want to show that it is possible to build an online business/investment portfolio without any fiat money invested at…

Why You Should Prioritize Goal Setting Activities

Image Source Learning to set goals as early

So Much More Than Pizza! Staking Made Easy As Pie 🍕

Are you sick of manually staking your Hive-Engine coins, everyday? Do find it boring and tedious? Well me,too! And, I think I found a…

HustlerChat - What is Your Main Hustle? Career Oriented Or Serial Entrepreneur?

This week on HustlerChat, we are talking about the hustle that pays the bills and puts food on the table… What is your main hustle? Do…

My CTP, ALIVE & HIVE Goal Weekly Update.... 💪💪

Hello all Friends.. I am chasing a target of 40k CTP Power by the year end, 15k AP by the end of October and 1500 Hive by the end of…

🦉🌔🦉Risingstar weekly update🦉🌔🦉

Good evening everyone, tomorrow I will return to work, the holidays end with today, the time has flown but I am still happy and satisfied

I Open 12 Card Packs Searching For Scary Mary

▶️ Watch on 3Speak I didn't find Scary Mary in the first twelve card packs I opened, see if I find here this

Holding are increasing and my @threecoins account is starting up!

^^ That image is what I feel like sometimes. 😀 I've recently begun tracking my coins again, thanks to me wanting to revive my #…

Just In Time For Halloween! Haunted Spider Gets No Treats!

Every week, @splinterlands posts a challenge for players to post about their battle, using a specific card or splinter. This week’s…

Basic steps to use the @ecency dapp - Guide for beginners....

Hello All friends.... Source I am using the @ecency from last two and half year and enjoying a lot. The dapp is very easy to use…