LEO Tokenomics

RC Delegations: I am dreaming of "explosive" growth in Hive.

RC Delegations: I am dreaming of "explosive" growth in Hive. We already know that onboarding on Hive is little difficult (because of…

[ENG-ESP] He continued to work for a better future thanks to the Hive family/Continuó trabajando por un futuro mejor gracias a la familia Hive

Blessed day Sunday friends Hivers this last week has been great for me here with the HIVE family as I show you in the following photo;…

I just Powered up Hive!


What Business Would You Start with $100? & 11 Reasons to Stake Hive/2nd Layer Tokens

In one of the classes I took to get my Bachelor's degree in Business, I had to come up with a business where I was required to invest up…

Powered UP

I decided to invest in hive as i Always had a long term plan on hive. So, while the market was in a blood bath i decided to load my hive…

Happy New 2022! New 1K HIVE Power Up!.:. January 1st HivePUD

The first impression is the most important! That's why I want to start this 2022 heavy! :) Yeah, I was powering up lately 1K HIVE per…

The Power Of Smaller Accounts On Hive

It is easy to fall victim to looking at the larger accounts and all the power they have. When we do this, we are not realizing the…

My Hive/LEO Plans For 2022 | Buy - Stake - Earn - Sell (X) Tokens!

Stake It Until I Make It We all know how power (amount of tokens you have) plays a major role on Hive and it's communities. The…

Power Down Stopped, Resume with 2,500 HP

Source Hi. Two weeks ago I started power down because I needed some financing. However, by that time, Hive

A Lending Protocol on Hive

Imagine a world... wait.. it's already here! Is there someone about the Hive-area that would be compelled to create a lending…