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[ENG-ESP] My Power Up Day Family Hive; 04/01/2022/Mi Power Up Day familia Hive; 01/04/2022

Imagen cortesy @traciyork And finally we arrive at April 1st time of the next Hive Power Up Day corresponding to the month. I continue to

Its Power Up Day - My second time PUDing

Happy April everyone - and I'm excited that its Hive Power Up Day (PUD). This is my second time joining in on PUD and I managed to power…

1st of April - Hive Power Up Day

Hi there! So I've seen the posts today mentioning that it's Hive's power up day, so I decided to join in! Happy PUD! Just so you…

Joined in on Hive PUD for the first time today

I've joined in in Hive Power Up Day (PUD) for the first time. I powered up just over 10 Hive, and stopped all trading for the day (which…

My Power Up day (Mar, 1, 2022 )

Español Aprovechando el día del #HivePUD y algo de liquidez que he generado a través de la compra y venta de tokens en Hive-engin

Powering Up HIVE!

Once again, it's time for the monthly Hive Power Up Day - this time around I only managed to power


Mi primer Power Up Estoy muy contento de pertenecer a esta plataforma que coloca a los

POWER UP DAY- 022022

I can't believe it's been exactly a yea

Introduce my self

My name is @ramadhan04 i joined on leofinance . I am from North Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia. I am a medical student at Government academy in…

My Power Up. January 2022 [ENG-ESP]


HPUD Post: My First Power Up On Hive Blockchain

Today is a brand new year for all hivians and my first day of power up on the hive blockchain. Have a happy new year and new month. In…

Happy New Month $ HIVEPUD | 50Hives Power Up Completed

Hello there! I’m really glad to be making this post simply because I have been long anticipating this day. First before anything, Happy…

Hive Power Up Day: Octubre/October 2021 (Es/En)

Castellano: Ya llegó octubre y es tiempo de participar en un nuevo Hive Power Up Day ( #HPUD), siguiendo la tradición de esta red socia

[ESP-ENG] Mí 3er Power Up Day familia Hive, contribuyendo con el crecimiento/ My 3rd Power Up Day family Hive, contributing to growth 01-10-2021 (HPUD)

Y llegó el tan esperado día del Hive Power Up Day (HPUD) correspondiente al mes de Octubre. Empece con esta cantidad de Hive Power e…

Hive Power UP day - September 2021 - #HivePUD

Imagen de @hivebuzz Saludos, me uno a esta iniciativa gracias a @elemarg25 que m

I'm still a Beginner need Guidance to develop here

"hello my seniors who are already proficient on this platform, I am still a beginner and myself here no one has guided me until today, I…

My first #hivepud participation

My first #hivepud participation - feels amazing. Finally, I can post and comment more. ![powerup](

Hive April 2021 power up day empowering power up post

It's April power up day! This is my first power up day since (re-)discovering Hive from my old Steem account. I'm happy to be able…

#DailyBlog - ¡Tomando Las Oportunidades! / Taking The Chances¡ [Esp/Eng]

Hay que saber aprovechar las oportunidades cuando las vemos amigos. Buen día amigos. Espero que se encuentren todos bien y segur

Quarantine Diaries: Day 355

Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion: People Share #TheMoment They Realized The Pandemic Was