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Pros and Cons of Diesel pools

This story started from a disvantage of placing orders in an exchange. For exanple You have 1 Bitcoin and you place a sell order 1000$…

Mega news of last week - Polkadot Blockchain is ready for the parachain auctions phase

Image Source Finally Polkadot is ready for the important parachain auctions phase I was amazed last week

Gold Cards - Splinterlands

In the Pursuit of More DEC Harklaw My first gold card was Harklaw from the Death Splinter. I purchased him because I saw that for…

Uncertainty on Tether - stable coin may be backed by reserves given as loans to large Chinese companies

Image Source China’s shadow is still on the crypto world indirectly!! One hears a lot of China in the crypto w

The Blockchain Cometh - Splinterlands

Splinterlands in the News! I've been spending a lot of time playing the blockchain game Splinterlands lately. The online card game…

Battle of the day: When Titans Fall

Hi All, Normally I post battles showing me winning or very odd ways of me winning but today I decided to post a battle of me losing. Ofte

Today I have reached level 46 and My Daily Progress in The Rising Star Game ( Day-36 )

( Day-36 ) ![rising_star_banner.gif](

Today's Daily Quest - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with Snipe Today's Daily Quest was a Snipe Quest, which is usually pretty easy. I usually rely on Twister Jeste

Battle Of The Day: Double Dragons

Hi All, todays battle is of my two of my dragons take out a full team! its not shocking as both dragons are tanks and they complement

Battle of the day: double crossed!

Hi All, Today’s battle of the day is a pretty crazy one. I thought I lost this match because I had a magic user and my opponent had magic

New pick ups on Splinterlands

Hi All, In a desperate push to up my power and get to silver 3 ive learned that gold cards have a lot more power and you could get a pre

Splinterlands daily reward 10-14-21

Hi All, I hope you all are having a wonderful day where ever you are in the world! Today quest started off as an earth quest! If you’ve r

New Purchase - Splinterlands

Another Goblin Card! Yesterday I lost a few low Mana battles to my opponents' Goblin Mech cards from the Neutral Splinter, w

Battle of the day: void to the rescue!

Hi all, Today’s battle was a close one, let’s say if it wasn’t for void and close range I would have not won this battle. Magic splinte

SHARE My BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGONS!

BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGONS! ![drake_of_arnak_1_.png](

Today I have reached level 45 and My Daily Progress in The Rising Star Game ( Day-34 )

( Day-34 ) ![rising_star_banner.gif](

Yesterday's Daily Quest - Splinterlands

Win 5 Battles with Earth Splinter ** Unfortunately the Hive server was temporarily down last night so I wasn't able to post yes

Battles - Splinterlands

Best Battles of the Day Here’s a mobile link of the awesomeness of the Fire Splinter summoner Yodin Zaku, but also the useful

Daily quest rewards on splinterlands 10-13-2021

Hi all, Today I woke up and splinterlands chose to be abusive lol. By that I mean it offered me a earth quest right off the bat, I refres

New Card - Splinterlands

New No-Attack Tank I noticed this card being used a lot for Ranked Matches with the Poison battle condition, where it survived due to…