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Zuallererst möchte ich darauf hinweisen, dass ein Wächter des @creativecoin Tribes der Meinung war @tokenindustry wäre nichtcreativer…

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Die Idee : Scot token mit realen Wertgegenständen zu hinterlegen. Der Wert : Die Arbeitszeit des Künstlers und de


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Futures Friday: enhancing Industries with Blockchain

BTCMEX prepared an overview of the top industries benefiting from the blockchain technology! Discover the Future with BTCMEX Blockchain

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Liebe Investoren und Dedizierende für #XStern9.3Edition #GoldTokenKarten . Nach einer wieder einmal langen Diskussion, ist man überein…

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Liebe Investoren und Halter von #XStern9.3Edition #GoldTokenKarten . Der unbekannten eingestellten Person mit den schwarzen Klamotten…

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Liebe Investoren und Halter von #XStern9.3Edition #GoldTokenKarten . Heute melden wir uns ´mal wieder zum DienstTagesTermin . Alles und…

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Liebe Investoren und Dedizierende für #XStern9.3Edition #GoldTokenKarten .Tja, nun ist es passiert ?Zunäc

The Stock Market is Literally Too Big to Fail

image source A couple of months ago I had a discussion about the US Stock Markets with someone in person (yeah, I'm old fashioned…

Do You Know When The US could go Into Recession? The Charts Seem to Have a Pretty Solid Idea

This is not financial or investing advice. I am not responsible for your free-will decisions. If you can't take responsibility for taking…

The Classless Society + Machines

Please note, this is a freewrite where I am merely putting my thoughts down in writing as they come, focused on a particular topic. It's a…
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What do you prefer?

What do you prefer? Greetings friends! Image source Local products vs. Global products. What do you prefer? Local as i

Petrolio Giù, Oro su. E Bitcoin?

Il blocco del mondo ha causato un fermo di tutti i mezzi di spostamento, della industrie e delle automobili. Non essendoci bisogno di…

Artificial Intelligence: How it Helps in the Industrial Sector

Until a couple of decades ago, no one imagined that Artificial Intelligence would revolutionize the manufacturing sector if the industrial…

Case study of blockchain in the refrigeration sector

Case study of blockchain in the refrigeration sector The cold sector is entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution with determination.…

Amplified values

This week is "Sales Kick Off" week, Which as a global event aimed at the company sales department and associated business functions, and…

Covid-19 lockdown day 75 – Overnight a new world rises from the ashes (pt1/4)

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the entire planet overnight, in the sense that some industries that we took for granted and that have…

My favorite Cryptocurrency, how can we get businesses to accept it as payment?

Hi everyone, in this post I would like to make a company understand how positive the acceptance of a cryptocurrency is in terms of…