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There Is "New Gold" In Town

Hi All, Firstly I would like to share that this is my first post on leo finance, so I am not sure what I have to do and if I have done…

News: December 3, 2021. Who Feels Inflation the Most?

The acceleration of the rise of prices, specially the energy prices, has started to be felt in the United States. However, not all people…

HIVE Inflation| Yearly Down -3.22%, For November Up 1.30%

A main takeaway from my recent Hive Supply and Inflation post. Date HIVE Supply Jan-01-2021 380,208,202 Nov-01-2021

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies going up like a charm again, exactly like predicted (December 2, 2021)

Well, that's a surprise. Bitcoin is going up again in value, and so are many of the other cryptocurrencies. Exactly a week ago I posted…

They Said Inflation Would Be ‘Transitory.’ The Data Say Something Different.

Astute observers might notice that October's 0.9 percent increase in CPI represents the fastest monthly inflation in 30 years. These…


How much longer will this current cryptocurrency bull run last, and can inflation extend the bull run? There are 3 scenarios The…

December 2nd, 2021, Bitcoin – New all-time highs in sight!

[December 2nd, 2021, Bitcoin – New all-time highs in sight!](

Lessons on Inflation & Fiat from Eastern Europe

Hi Leo Finance! I’ve recently joined Hive…and I’m blown away by the whole potential of this platform and community. I wanted to contribute…

Any Thoughts On the Rising Inflation

CPI today came in at 6.2% after being told it was transitory, we have been living in month over month rising inflation. What are your…

Why This Crypto Bull Run Is Going To Be Different From The Previous Ones

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Being a successful investor involves making educated guesses about the future, and that inc

More Pain As Interest Rate Hike Starts Tomorrow

source **Most analysts thought it would stay the same at 3.5% and 7.0% respectively. This has come as a shock to many who are in so…

Interview: Rand Paul Explains What’s Really Causing America’s Inflation Woes

“I think inflation is pretty easy to explain and people need to know w

The Cost of Living Crisis Continues in the UK....

The latest reports show inflation at a ten year high in the UK , and


▶️ Watch on 3Speak US markets scream higher just as the #USD does the same, whats going on are the #markets brok

Opinion: November 20, 2021. Will Food Inflation Continue into 2022?

Currently, the inflationary process affecting the United States has affected the food prices significantly. People who go to the grocery…

The Knock On Effect

source When crude oil is on the increase the spin off effects everyone as things just become more expensive. There is nowhere to hide…

November 23rd 2021 - Nobody Saw It Coming?

Inflation is, as most of the people in the world know by now, a fact of life, and, sadly, fact of life that is going to last for a long…

A New Home-owner - Don't talk to me about inflation and interest rates

The year 2021 has been a mixed bag for many around the world. It was same for us. We tried to recover for the long and unbearable…

The Evolution of the Dollar Store

Dollar Tree recently announced that they would be raising their prices. That means that things are going up to $1.25 instead of the usual…