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The Most Important Thing You Need To Do In Crypto!

The cryptocurrency market is a wild place, and unlike any other market out there. The volatility of this market is unmatched. If you pay…

Stressing About Crypto? - How to Keep Emotions in Check

▶️ Watch on 3Speak As cryptocurrency prices continue to fluctuate, many are feeling stressed about the

To be a King, you need a Kingdom

The other day, I consolidated my CUB pools into the CUB-BUSD pairing to minimize the risk on BNB fluctuations against CUB, as well as take…

Sleeping through the dips

I should just never go to sleep. Every time I do, I feel like I am missing out o opportunities, which technically I am, as I can't do much…

Are We In A Bubble Or Is It Incorrect Measurements

Hey Jessieconomists I often rant and rave about bubbles in the economy, and do I think there are bubbles? Yes, I think there is a gross…

The incongruities of the markets / Las incongruencias de los mercados

English For several days now I have seen several projections about the path that stock market assets may take for various reasons, but…

Bitcoin Fire Sale!

When you have an opportunity to invest and make money sitting right in front of you, it's nice to have some extra cash laying around to…

Demand for the supply

A lot of what we do in crypto obviously focuses on tokenization of activity and then, the value of those tokens, with most seeing…

Lost your shirt?

Tomorrow is only Wednesday, but for me, it is going to be the start of the weekend, as Thursday is a public holiday and I have used some…

Does Art NFT's Supercharge What Was Already Wrong About Art

Hey Jessiartists I've got quite a lot of backlash on my take on art NFT's and being called salty seeing artists get their just rewards…

A Case For Bitcoin Toxicity

Hey Jessatoshis I don't consider myself a Bitcoin maxi, but I am a big fan of the protocol and the asset. In my portfolio of digital…

What is mining who

My writing is pretty much me reflecting on my experiences and observations of the world around me, with two core intentions in mind. The…

Quantum Stewardship: Do You Really OWN Crypto...?

Time for a thought experiment. The following is merely an exercise in flexibility of perspective, and is to form a foundational piece…

DE-FI Hacks Are On The Rise

Hey Jessinvestors The bull market is sucking in more capital each day, and while most institutional money is still fully focused on…

If I were a gambling man...

Out of curiosity, how does reading headlines like the one below make you feel?

More surprises to come

It is late Saturday night, the girls are asleep and I have a glass of nice wine from near where I grew up sitting by my side. A perfect…

100 Days of Green

DeFi is quite an addictive ecosystem, as the yields are just so incredibly high, although the associated risks are high too - but are they…

ARK Daily Buys/Sell - 05.10.2021

Cathy is stressing...the Ark is sinking... They bought $COIN $TWLO $PLTR $PATH $DKNG and $TTD. Sold - $AAPL - $SPCE - $OPEN -…

It is always a good idea to have liquidity / Siempre es buena idea tener liquidez

English In investments and trading there may be opportunities that occur at a specific time and that are gone in a short time, such as…

Is Altseason Over? | Crypto Q&A May 2021

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this month's cryptocurrency Q&A, we'll be touching on whether altseason is over,