LEO Tokenomics

Bridging Ethereum To Cosmos: Or, In Other Words, Reaching Osmosis

For those not so familiar with the Cosmos ecosystem, Osmosis is the leading AMM of it. Launched around 6 months ago, it reached t

Getting A Mortgage With Bitcoin As Collateral? Yeah, Of Course

I know it sounds too good to be true, almost ironic, and yet, it's true. If we were to believe this [news](

Why sleep is the best investment we can make, and more important the busier we are

Knowing a lot of entrepreneurs, people chasing careers in finance, the space sector, or in academia, I often have to listen to someone…

Rising Star Giveaway: Episode I (Your Daily Chance to Win a Rare Card)

Greetings, everyone! I'm a big fan of giveaways, and I'm participating myself for some of the ones organized by @mawit07. I decided now…

My First Chaos Legion Packs

Greetings, everyone! We are now in the open sale phase for the Chaos Legion packs, and this attracted a big interest from players…

What to make of Microsoft's $68,7bn acquisition of Activision Blizzard?

Although it's been half a decade since I last played a video game, it's hard to shake off the feelings I've got for some of the games that…

Shopping for Rising Star NFTs

Hi everyone, One thing I love about Rising Star is the very low entry barrier for new players. Everybody with a HIVE account can…

The First Pancake Is Always Bad

When you start to do something, you don't know how to do it well. It's like when you make pancakes: for the first one you don't know if…

Halfway on the #Januarystreak challenge - My lessons from writing and adding a process to it

So today is January 15. and thus the halfway mark of the #januarystreak challenge first proposed by @dragosroua. I quickly jumped on the…

What If Centralized Social Media Will Disappear Tomorrow?

Just imagine. No Facebook. No Youtube. No Twitter. No Instagram. Nothing. Just decentralized platforms, like Hive, 3speak or distrikt.…

Polygon Implemented London Hardfork - Deflationary MATIC

As of today at 3:00 AM UTC (or block height 23850000 ), Polygon implemented the London H

NFT Marketplaces

Greetings, everyone! Yes, NFT Games are increasing in popularity. Splinterlands entered the open sales phase for Chaos…

"Mastermind" behind Norway's biggest bank heist in history becomes Chess expert on a large TV channel

There are few things that leave foreigners more speechless when visiting Norway than learning about its very liberal prison policies.…

My Hive 2022 Goals - Week 2

So I was doing some reading so reading this week keeping up with my goal to learn more about hive and I came across an article

The lesson about motivation I wish I learned many years ago

It happened yet again today. I spoke to someone who said that they wish they would exercise more often, but that they just don’t feel…

My 2022 Hive investment goals

January is here. I see everyone posting their hive goals for this year. A new acquaintance of mine posted this flow chart as

Ethereum Optimistic Rollups, Do We Really, Really, Really Need Them?

Ethereum is already an old technology. Although it revolutionized the crypto world with the introduction of smart contracts, it's now…

Have you managed to make something good come out of the Pandemic?

Of all the clever things I’ve said throughout the years, my favorite words of wisdom are how being able to turn frustration into…

Markets Misbehaving And Other Monsters

So, we had a rocky beginning of the year. Bitcoin is breathing heavily around 41k, barely holding, and Ethereum is close to lose the 3k…

My Hive strategy for 2022 | #MyHiveGoals

I’ve read quite a few good posts by people setting their Hive goals for 2022. Many have ambitious targets for where they want to be in…