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About the art of fundraising... 💸

I have a big problem with fundraising...can't do it to save my life, not these days, not without a video editor. I never take on a…

About Anxiety in the Blockchain Workplace 😰

The thing about blockchain is that there are basically no limits to it. Blockchain is everywhere, it could be in the software used to make…

[JOBS] Sr. Associate, Gaming Partnerships | Opensea.io 🎮🕹️

OpenSea is the first and largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Applications for NFTs include collectibles, gaming items…

Which platform would you recommend the most for a crypto fundraiser?

Other than Ethereum or HIVE, which blockchain platform would you recommend to raise funds for an idea?

Interest For Remote Work Might Mean Quitting For Many

Over 64% of workers would rather quit their job instead of being forced to go back to the office. Right now the interest for remote and…

The Crypto Boss Syndrome 😞

The more consistent I am in my recruiting efforts, the more other people take notice...I can be both invisible and impossible to ignore.…

[JOBS] Director of Business Development, Arts & Culture - NFTs | Ava Labs

Want to be a part of the fastest-growing blockchain company? Ava Labs makes it simple to launch applications using Avalanche, a smart…

[JOBS] Business Development (Media & Publications) | CoinMarketCap

POWERING CRYPTO WITH DATA CoinMarketCap is the world’s most trusted and accurate source of data for cryptocurrencies. Used by millions…

I came to America for love, but I also came to hustle.

Dear @hivewatchers and @spaminator, If you take the time to research before downvoting you will see that I'm running a job board through…

[JOBS] Content Lead | Polygon

Image Source What is Polygon? Polygon is the leading platform f

Overcoming Objections in Your Blockchain Job

It has been 3 days since I created my first community on HIVE, be sure to check it out and subscribe if you're in the market for a job.…

Recruiting content team members for LBI (2 spots open)

Hello, LBIers. With any project, we cant expect things to be plain sailing all the time and we gotta hit a few bumps in the road to make…

[JOBS] Junior Blockchain Engineer | LTO

As Europe’s leading hybrid blockchain platform we have set the new standard for data security and collaboration. We help business leaders…

How to onboard a BRAND on HIVE?

I'm going to be putting together a presentation for my boss to use HIVE as a promotional tool. The company I work for has been involved…

Top 10 Best Work From Home /Remote Jobs for Students in 2022

Side hustles from home are great, but what if you’re looking for an actual job? Today we’re talking about the best at work from home jobs…
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America Needs To Start Spending It's Money More Responsibly, We Are In Decline

To be competitive, America has to invest in: #infrastructure #jobs program that includes #training for unskilled workers…

Four COVID Trends of Currently Happening This November 2021

Trend #1: Unvaccinated People Banned from Supermarkets and Grocery Shopping Arch NWO insider and war criminal Henry Kissinger once…

Study options

Well today we'll talk about the education system and how people are being fooled by the system. You know there are a lot of colleges and…

Life In 2030 Will Be Very Different

We are seeing major changes in society due to technology. This is why I feel cryptocurrency is so vital. Of all the proposed ideas

Amazon Seeks To Be The First End-To-End Autonomous Corporation

What does the future hold for Amazon? If it achieves what it wants, we will see a completely autonomous retail operation. This means…