LEO Tokenomics

LeoFinance Engagement 🦁

(Earlier than usual due to more birthday commitments, June is a busy month!) A weekly view on engagement using the leofinance.io…

Learning the ropes of LEO Finance

I have been around ever since the good / bad old Steem day's. LEO launched as a second layer token on steem and of course migrated to the…

AskLeo - Would You Accept A "Crypto Chip", As a Wallet, Implanted Under Your Skin?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are going to impact our lives in so many aspects and ways, some of them quite unimaginable at…

CUB Kingdom and DUNK Claimdrop Announcement

Source: @sgt-dan As we are publishing this on @leofinance it feels right that we should also plug their most recent announcement .…

The Power Of Not Knowing

Listen carefully to the people around you, no matter the topic, and tell me how many do you hear on a daily basis saying that they simply…

Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

The current "price action" on a wide range of the crypto assets is probably the scenario not many of us have expected this time of the…

#AskLeo - where do you get your airdrops from?

Hi, for today's #AskLeo, the # tag created by @acesontop (give him a follow), I want to ask you a simple question, where do you get your…

Dunk Social CLAIMDROP #2 And Stats!

Hey everyone, this is an official announcement that this post will serve as claimdrop #2 for the newest community on Hive, @dunksocial…

CUB DEFI rises June 15 2021

The price of CUB is rising today, and why you might ask? The CUB AutoFarm just went live according to @LeoFinance I decided to jump…

4 Year Anniversary on HIVE 💖

Wow how time flies! So it's been 4 years since I first created an account on this blockchain, and I'm pumped to have been along for the…

rollandthomas Interview Part 2 Technical Analysis

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Part two: Technical Analysis of Cardano Technical Analysis of Ethereum Technical Analysis

Bad News for Publish0x? We Think Not.

Publish0x COO, Igor Tomić, laments the crypto-fuelled blogging platform's decision to do some house cleaning and start running on its own…

# Back In Force! - Splinter Stats Season 51 Report Card

@khazrakh Well, this has been a pretty good season for me. Although I still didn't play as many battles as I did during lockdown, I've…

Opportunities Missed...


Banana Volatility! BTC ETH GOLD Dollar!

Volatility! It's everywhere and perhaps it's the calm before the storm. Sometimes it hits us like a brick wall, and sometimes it creeps…

Grandma cannot pay with BTC in Al Salvador!

BTC is now adopted by it's first country officially. Steve Hanke postulates this will decimate the Al Salvadorian's economy even further…

Staking CUB available on Kingdoms! / Staking CUB dostępne na Kingdoms! [EN/PL]

After several days since the launch of Kingdoms on Cub Finance, we lived to see one of the most anticipated pools - the staking of the…

A hidden announcement on a leofinance airdrop

Hi, today we received a very interesting update from the @leofinance team. This can and should be read in [here.](

Is inflation temporary? Quick answer: NO

You would think with the economy BOOMING perhaps cheaper oil could give us a hand. There is actually no

Getting to Instead of Having to.

My manager at work is an awesome lady. There are many reasons I could point out to support my claim but fluffing her isn’t the point of…