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My CTP, ALIVE & HIVE Goal Weekly Update.... 💪💪

Hello all Friends.. I am chasing a target of 55k CTP Power by the end of June 2022 (75k by the end of year), 25k Alive Power by the…

Financial Freedom Act Companion Bill Introduced in the House of Representatives - News Brief

Photo Source Florida Republican, Byron Donalds, today has introduced the Financial Freedom Act into the US House of Repre

'Grim Reapers' Gunning for Do Kwon and Terra - More Trouble Mounts

Photo Source The South Korean Yeouido Grim Reaper special criminal team is being revived in order to conduct an investiga

European Union Wide Uniform Regulations for DeFi Suggested by German BaFin

Photo Source The Executive Director at Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaF

In Terra's Wake Could Tether (USDT) Be Next?

Photo Source Introduction Long beleaguered by concerns regarding its cash reserves, in the wake of the Terra/UST crash, Tether…

De verdad puede desaparecer el Shiba Inu

¿De verdad puede desaparecer el Shiba Inu? Source Recient

Splinterlands Daily Quest + Progress Report - Good Result Today!

Hey folks, here are my daily mission prizes for today. Nice one. Epic Djinn Chwala is a great card. I hadn't actually finishe

Call in the Bean Counters - Some Tax Considerations Concerning DAOs

Photo Source First Thoughts A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is an entity represented by encoded rules within a…



C'est bien ce que je disais

Certain con sur ce site dislike tout sans motif et genre c'est eux qui décide qui a le droit de parole donc je quitte définitivement ce…

Support #fr jours 32 / 365 rapport

> ***Objectif terminé***

Résultat BRO et Dhedge

Je suis toujours sur le test des tokens BRO et DHEDGE qui génère des gains automatique . J'ai revendu les index pour acheté des LEO sur…


In this first of a series on critical thinking, we will investigate how to communicate and get solutions for our clients. There are many…

Proofofbrain..POB price update for today

The way things are right now,the current price of the POB is about $0.14 which is equal to 0.1874hive..well this is a great opportunity…

Which crypto made you the best profit?

Image from Observer When it comes to potential coins for profit you have to mention BTC as number one the list, ETH follows, ADA coin…

Are you a successful trader?

This question might look weird but it should be asked in order to learn from expert traders in cryptocurrency. I've been trading for over…

What factors influences a country going into inflation?

Inflation simply means high cost of living due to economic devaluation and shortage of food and increase in the prices of commodities…

Evolution du projet

> Evolution du projet

Objectif 100 BEE Hive Engine Token

On arrive a 20% de notre objectif ^^ Il me faut 100 BEE pour crée un token en projet, pour que cette communauté et un token a…