LEO Tokenomics

To be a King, you need a Kingdom

The other day, I consolidated my CUB pools into the CUB-BUSD pairing to minimize the risk on BNB fluctuations against CUB, as well as take…

Dogecoin - Missed Signals & Missed Opportunities

While this post has an important emphasis on Dogecoin, let me start with a general question on crypto. What would be your investments if…

Gas Panic Making It Worse: Several States Declare Emergency

Tell people not to rush to the stations to fill up and that's exactly what many of them are going to do . Several stat

Utopis Growth update

Since ETH mining continues to be profitable currently mining $59 a day another $400 for Monday's drop if profits stay put. Pantherswap…

Utopis my hustle project

So it’s the middle of the week more like close to the finish line, here in Southern California it is super gloomy one of my favorite…

I hold 7348 BRO 25k Investment

What better way to share my hive block chain investments than share with you some stats on some numbers I enjoy numbers especially if they…

Lost your shirt?

Tomorrow is only Wednesday, but for me, it is going to be the start of the weekend, as Thursday is a public holiday and I have used some…

BSC got you down? Simple fix

I get that BSC is clogged but its still hella cheaper then ETH so this is what I did to get my transactions through. I have a handful of…

What is mining who

My writing is pretty much me reflecting on my experiences and observations of the world around me, with two core intentions in mind. The…

If I were a gambling man...

Out of curiosity, how does reading headlines like the one below make you feel?

More surprises to come

It is late Saturday night, the girls are asleep and I have a glass of nice wine from near where I grew up sitting by my side. A perfect…

Developing Attributes of Saving

What is savings? Savings are something usually in form of money that is kept or the money that has been plan for use in the future.…

Contentment - The First Financial Advice

We live in interesting times. This is the period of the greatest wealth ever created, greatest freedoms ever expressed and best standards…

Why moon?

It is pretty interesting to se how various people react to declining prices, with some who were "all-in" just a few days earlier, reacting…

"Diversification is Key"

This year marks my fourth year in crypto and it seems such a long way so far. Although I am 100% sure that my experience with blockchain…

Fast or Slow, Limping or Crawling, Just Keep Moving

In the pursuit of life's goals, dreams and ambitions, some of the important traits a person should have are diligence, persistence, zeal…

Understanding Your Strengths And Weaknesses As An Entrepreneur

Bottom line, we're all humans. No one of us is perfect. We all have our insecurities, our fears and our weaknesses. In order to become a…

Making the first million is hard, but making the second is inevitable

Source Making the first million is hard but making the second is inevitable So

Qualities You Should Possess As An Entrepreneur - Part 2

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing good? I'm back with the Part 2 of this amazing series, Qualities You Should Possess As An…

Decentralization on the Web, the best alternative to face unemployment.

The worst thing about a pandemic, beyond the lives that the virus extinguishes, is the social collapse that follows when the virus is…