LEO Tokenomics

Litecoin Move High Within Next Few Hours

The market in litecoin actually saw the market go higher. we did this price prediction in litecoin during our lookout. Source We…

I am sending a FB friend some LTC

Using Hive of course. We have the excellent services by @blocktrades that make this possible. Friends talking about Bitcoin, I…

LTC is officially BOOMING

What's up everybody SilverGoldHunter here and today we have information that Litecoin (My favourite Cryptocurrency coin ever) has…

Litecoin Overbought

Litecoin overbought? The LTC/USD daily chart shows its RSI at an inflection level near 79.02. That is 9 points above the overbought…

May 9, 2021 – London, England

Globe is excited to announce the upcoming Balancer Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on May 10, 2021. Following the successful triple IDO and…

How to earn Crypto for Free

The connection between games and crypto is going crazy worldwide. In the earlier articles i have been talking about cryptos that can…

LTC Price!!

The live Litecoin price today is $343.90 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $11,415,183,316 USD. Litecoin is up 3.37% in the last 24…


Waves is a blockchain platform that allows users to create internal digital assets, store or exchange tokens, transact quickly and…

Litecoin has performed really well this year, congratulations to all L ...

Litecoin has performed really well this year, congratulations to all Litecoin hodlers who have secured some profits. Posted via D.Buzz

My early day memories on BTC and LTC when I first came into crypto

4 years back when I first started learning about the crypto world and started investing, like many people, BTC was the first coin I…

NFT'S, WEB 3.0, AND DEFI and Cardano takes over Africa!

I have to be honest I cycle through a lot of learning youtube's. I like Lorenzo, he's pretty much adamant we are in alt-coin season. I…

People Wonder Why I Don't Just Invest In Bitcoin

Nuff Said Brotha! Posted Using [LeoFinance Beta](

Bitcoin and Friends Episode 8 is out 😄

Eine neue Bitcoin und Friends Folge ist da. In Episode 8 wird der Eisverkäufer Jones von der Big Bank entführt, weil sie ihn für Satoshi…

The newest "FreeCrypto" addition : Get a share of Litecoin

There are few faucets I kept doing and the FreeCrypto gang is responsible with the daily rolls. There are many options but I chose only 8…

LITECOIN's turn?

And after the massive rise of DOGE and also to a lesser extent of ETHEREUM, the next altcoin that seems to want to leave its previous ATH…

📈 Daily TA: Litecoin (LTC/USD) | 02-05-2021

Hello, dear members of LeoFinance! Today I want to highlight some interesting technical patterns on the price chart of Litecoin .…

Understanding litecoin an improved version of Bitcoin


LTC - Not finished yet?

Litecoin (LTC) is one of those tokens that many buy as an alternative to Bitcoin - often termed 'silver to Bitcoin's gold'. It's way…

The 1st of many - Purchasing $20 worth of Hive weekly goal

Well, I bought more than $20 from my initial goal plan since Litecoin went a bit higher just now. But I got a few extra LTC to be…

Response To Getting Multiple Posts Downvoted To ZERO on LeoFinance

It was easiest to put things in a screenshot form. Some of the flag wars really caused a lot of issues on the various blogging platf