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Save us from ritual killers in Nigeria

"I thought you love me" Brenda yelled as he pulled her by the hair towards the engine where humans are being grounded for rituals. If…

My Uncompleted Love Story..Week 09 - Edition 02 Topic

Hi, good evening everyone, Is a delight partaking in this incredible challenge coordinated by @kronias locally. This everyday challenge…

I found MY FIRST LOVE when I was in master's degree | Week 09 - Edition 02

Hi Hivians How are you today? I hope you are all well and always be given success wherever you are. Love is a form of feeling that…


Hello friends, Just yesterday, I was sharing with a fried who is about 30 days on the hive blockchain, that I will sharing a post on my…

The Reasons why we should always remind our loved ones that we love them

All of us have people we love and want to make them happy but most of the time, things don't go as we expect and it might seriously hurt…

Wise Men Say....Quote#90

“This is the key to life: the ability to reflect, the ability to know yourself, the ability to pause for a second before reacting…

Cuando Hablamos del Amor, Feliz San Valentín ♡.

Foto tomada con mi Samsung Galaxy A31 ![PicsArt_05-03-11.27.57.png](


Hello guys,been a while on hive. i apologise for that guys sincerely. Am just happy because i feel blessed to have a pleasant experience…

Music & Songs vs psychology

I think most of the people like listening to music. Plain music or songs, with lyrics that have meaning. Still, only music can also have…

People are People

People are People I was listening the other day Depeche Mode and the song “people are people” and I was wondering what is so wrong with…

I Have Seen This Nature Is Very Beautiful - I Love To This Nature Of Our Life

Shakespeare said, "A boy can never be friends with a girl, because there is passion, there is lust." The same thing is said by the Irish…


Dear followers, @onealfa @onealfa.leo @leovoter and his friends has decided to downvote all my post, even those which has not been…

Mach die Augen auf!

Bildquelle - pixabay **"Wenn Du der Liebe begegnen willst, dann schärfe Deinen Blick für

Die LOVE REWARDS für das Jahr 2021 des JANASILVER LOVE Projektes

1 Unze Silber - Foto made by @janasilver Liebe Freunde der Liebe und des Glücks, liebe Freunde des


Quelle des Bildzitates: Pixabay "Die Fühler des Lebens sehen nicht - sie tasten. Die Sinne der Lieb

"প্রকৃত ভালবাসা"

সকাল বেলা ৷ আমেনা বেগম নাস্তা তৈরি করতে ব্যস্ত ৷ হঠাৎ নাসির উচ্চ স্বরে চিৎকার শুরু করে দিল । মা,মা কোথায় তুমি ৷ আমেনা বেগম দ্রুত রান্না ঘর…


In Indonesia, many people find lovebirds as pets. Lovebird is a small and petite bird, between 13 to 17 cm and weighing 40 to 60 grams.…



Pizza Day: Dominos Pizza in Netherlands now pays it’s staff with Bitcoin

It’s so sad that about some years ago some one bought 2 pizza with 10,000 bitcoin, funny how the person that bought sold the bitcoin thoug

She's Out Of My League

Introduction A movie based upon a romantic comedy genre in which a girl starts dating a decent looking skinny boy to be in the safer…