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Good morning! Hive Up to $0.556

Great night for Hive. Since the last few days we saw the pressure building up. We were at .29 and rose up to 0.556. The good news is in…


SOURCE Not all stable coins are created equal. All stable coins ae mimicking the fiat or asset they are pegged to. I do not use them as…

Patience Is All You Need

This has been the golden rule in crypto since day one. If you love crypto, you should just keep stacking and stop asking questions. Just…

The Tether Apocalypse

Tether is ultra-problematic. I don't feel safe holding USDT for more than just a couple of minutes. Frankly, I prefer holding any random…


source I was laughing at the idea of stoner cats seeing Aston Kutcher asking his wife about crypto currency and she nailed it every…

The Dark Side of Crypto - Money Laundering

When you heard the term “Bitcoin” about a decade ago, it was mainly associated with the illicit activity from within the dark web. As an…

[ESP /ING] Las criptomonedas comienzan a recuperarse? / Cryptocurrencies are starting to recover?

Source Saludos a todos mis estim


source I always check this site since I encounter the use case to see the return of BTC every month. The first three month was green…


source Looking at July leaving us in 7 days, next Sunday it will be full August coming at you all. I am taking the time to admire the…

[Eng-Esp] Why do I like technical analysis? || ¿Por qué me gusta el análisis técnico?

Source Two styles of market analysts

Real-World Applications of Blockchain Technology

If you’ve been involved in the crypto space for at least five minutes, you’re probably familiar with the term blockchain. Blockchain…

Bitcoin : The Potential Breakout

Background On 22nd of July, I was discussing with my close friends about two possibilities for bitcoin to break this falling channel. I…

UK Using Daily Tests in Food Market to Tackle Pingdemic

Businesses in the UK are worried about shortages along with millions [of people living in the region](


source The value proposition derived from crypto currency has marched to enable the human spirit a need we have been waiting for.…

Your Favorite Influencer Doesn’t Care About You

Let’s face it… in this day in age, we are surrounded by a pool of social media influencers that are advertising projects on their various…

Time Is Ticking For A Huge Move For Bitcoin ! Market Analysis

We've done our price prediction in bitcoin the market for your bitcoin we were still expecting a market price in bitcoin to go higher.…

@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #63: guess the price of Hive and win 5 Hive

Hi there my Hivean friends and followers! Welcome to the 63rd round of my Monday tipping contest where you can guess the price of…

Bitcoin Still Has Enough Energy To Continue To Go Higher?

Where the price is going to go because you can do it for yourself and then you won't be swayed or persuaded about coming in and buying…

Ethereum Has A Few Bullish Pattern Forming!|| Ethereum Back At Our Support Area

The market in Ethereum coin we can be in position and win in the market he's still buying on the dips you've been a follower of ours on…

[ESP /ING] Amazon pudiese apostar por el BitCoin. / Amazon could bet on the BitCoin.

Source Saludos a todos mis esti