LEO Tokenomics

Crashing economy - California Gig workers, Cashflow is next..

NEW RECORD HIGH: Gas prices in California hit a new average record of $6.02 a gallon, and they’re set to go even higher

My COLD HBD Wallet Earning 20%

Good day all, I was out hustling about, but this morning I came about a post from engrave.. well more of an update. New Hive Ledger…

Balls Deep on Hive and Leo | About Voting behavior

I was doing some reading yesterday and I stumbled upon a post by @revisesociology about voting patterns and how his vote spread will…

Buy Hive with APPLE Pay?

I came across this comment about Hive being difficult to purchase, like other coins. I am forgetting about the blood shed and bringing…


source Lately if you are looking to read some sad news, there are plenty to look for. You do not have to go far and the first news is…

Certain Cars Cost More Used Than New

The used car market has been seeing some high prices in recent months. For some vehicles it might actually mean seeing a higher price…

Why I Prefer This Bear Market

Let´s get one thing clear, no discussion on this being a bear market or not. **I ve been wearing my Bearish hat

The fate of cryptos after Luna

Namaskar/Hi, Source - @littlebirth / Twitter Its very disturbing to see cryptos performing like this. Value is one thing, it will…

LUNA-UST shitshow // You should probably avoid buying the dip

Ive been looking into the shitshow that is LUNA and Ive had a few people asking me about buying the dip. First of all I have to say that…


source If I get this planogram right for BTC alone, I think we need to brace tight and wait and see. 2020 was the last year BTC had a…

Cannabis Tourism Could Be A Multi-Billion Industry

It is already estimated that cannabis tourism could easily be a $1 billion market, maybe more? There is a great deal of potential for…

Bear market and recession – Is it good time to buy Bitcoin?

So, markets have been down the drain, and the magnitude of it certainly surprised me as I admittedly anticipated a lengthening cycle to…

Elon Musk temporarily suspends Twitter acquisition, Market manipulation?

hello everyone... Since Musk made an offer to buy twitter at a price of $54.20 per share, there was a lot of commotion about what this…

What are you doing in this cold crypto winter?

It is no news the crypto market is taking a beating at the moment with the entire market on a trip down south. You get to wake to another…

@phortun´s Monday tipping contest #84: guess the price of Hive and win 5 Hive

Hi there my Hivean friends and followers! Welcome to the 84th round of my Monday tipping contest where you can guess the price of…

Terra Blockchain "halted" BlackRock And Citadel behind it all?

Crypto is doing what was meant not to do.. follow the world economy.. Well Covid hit and all the Wallstreet boys and GME fanboys jumped on…

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger star in the world famous (Rich)

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger are world famous Moral (rich) big businessmen. They can collapse any big market at any moment if they…


source Right out of the bat I know #UST and #Terra may not be the best to hold. I do not know much about them knowing a little by…

The LUNA phenomenon is negatively affecting the DeFi market

If we thought that the price action of the cryptocurrency market had entered into apparent stability, it is to be noted that while Bitc

Some considerations on the fall of the crypto market

Dear readers, this time we will not describe any agricultural topic, we will focus on the great fall of the crypto market that occurred…