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Coinbase NFT is coming soon: join the waitlist today for early access!

Coinbase announced Coinbase NFT, a peer-to-peer marketplace that will make minting, purchasing, showcasing, and discovering NFTs easier…

Market Analysis 16/10/2021 - BTC THE KING

After a short consolidation phase, Bitcoin managed to break the resistance at $59K without any particular problems, updating the local…

Golden egg Sassano and Vitalik in boots

"In the Humpty Dumpty crypto market, Ethereum is the golden egg..." **Featuring: Anthony Sassano, founder The Daily Gwei, co founder…

카오스 팩 그리고 바우처

오늘부터 스랜에서 Chaos 팩 판매가 시작되었습니다. 판매개시 약 30분 전에 sps staker에 대하여 바우처 airdrop이 있었습니다. 바우처가 있어야만 chaos 팩을 살 수 있기 때문에 팩 판매보다 빨리 airdrop이 되었습니다.…

Coinbase NFT WAITLIST: The Right Time To Avoid FOMO Is Now.

In case you don't know, one of the biggest companies in the cryptoverse, COINBASE is set to embrace the NFT world and will be rolling out…

Inflation falls more than expected.

Those who have been following the financial media these days will have been convinced that inflation has now reached unsustainable peaks.…

Reasons you should learn digital income skill.

First of all what does digital skill mean? skill Digital skills are skills that allow you to adapt effectively to the digital and…

Cryptocurrency Trading: Fundamental Analysis Versus Technical Analysis

Last month China banned cryptocurrency for the year :) Yes, you got that right because it was not the first time nor the second either.…

카오스 팩 구매 수량

카오스팩 판매까지 12시간 정도 남았습니다. 이런 저런 계산을 해보니 카오스 팩은 500팩 단위로 사는 것도 좋아보입니다. 500팩 이상은 2천팩으로 넘어가야 5% 추가 수량을 받을 수 있는데요. 2000팩을 한번에 사기에는 조금…

시즌 결과

이번 시즌은 diamond II까지 올라갔습니다. 일퀘 한번 더 할 수 있었지만 level이 떨어질 것 같아서 그냥 지켜만 보았습니다. 대신에 사용하는 카드를 임대하여 나름 짭빨한 수익을 거두었습니다(약 5천 DEC). 어찌보면 시즌 마지막…

The institutional investors metrics

The number of BTC transfers on the network has reached an annual high and the interesting thing is that these transactions are not by and…

Weekly markets overview

This week's Glassnode charts indicate a turn toward a possible bull market phase. Factors that point to this are: increase in…

A Wyoming DAO launches an unprecedented challenge to the SEC

A Wyoming DAO issues an unprecedented challenge to the SEC Today we're talking about a recent application for approval made to the SEC…

The financial effects of the energy crunch and the implications for BTC

As usual, September closed with a minus sign for stock markets, confirming the historical series that since 1945 has seen the only mont

FOCUS - Goldman and Chinese GDP estimates

The energy crisis and the collapse of real estate giant Evergrande weigh on China's growth estimates. Goldman Sachs cut the country's…

The weakness of the markets and how to manage it

In this article I will present: the trends that are weakening the markets in the short term; the opposite trends that exist in the

My Actifit Report Card: September 25 2021

Respect for humanity in the light of Islam Respect for humanity [Respect for humanity is the attribute and virtue with which…

Weekly overview on the cryptomarkets

We have a lot of graphs to comment on this week, so I'll try to make an initial outline and captions short so as not to weigh down the…

토너먼트 턱걸이

32등까지 상금이 있는 토너에 18명만 참가하여 일단 상금은 확보한 상태였는데요. 게임 순위가 아쉽게도 17위로 나와서.. 32등 상금만 받는 줄 알았습니다. 그런데 동율인 경우에는 상금은 나눠어서 주는군요. 16등, 17등, 18등 상금을…

Snoop de’ Medici

Rapper Snoop Dogg reveals himself as NFT kingpin Cozomo de’ Medici. His wallet holds an estimated $17 million worth of NFTs, incl