LEO Tokenomics

Noise cash milking

Recently the tips on noise cash have become quite substantial and I'm getting more than $1 worth of BCH a day, though I don't expect this…

Financial goals for 2021 - June meme-update ( last update until December )

Yesterday I finally hit the 1000 Leo power milestone, which means I'm half way towards my goal of 2000 Leo power by the end of the year…

Quality control

All social platforms that reward their users with crypto have an obsession about not rewarding absolute garbage, whether that means low…

Youtube shorts shadiness

Apparently youtube shorts are a thing now because people have the attention span of a goldfish and can't concentrate for more than 5…

Crypto Meme of the Day | June 22, 2021

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Disturbing thoughts

Some think that the bull market is not over yet, some are less sure. Regardless of that debate, things look pretty crappy at the moment…

Appearance appraisal

One of the things that help me keep the grind going besides the fun of clowning around with memes, is watching the amount of Leo in my…

You know you will get less...

This has to do with the price of gold and silver. It's obvious that you could get more silver than gold with the same amount of…


How I feel curating on Hive The guy in the meme is Nusret Gökçe ![hi

The difference between each platform for getting rewards 🤓


June 11th @shortsegments Meme Contest Entry

Leofinance Meme Contest I saw the post by @shortsegments about the contest. So here is my entry! Meme Contest! Hello Leo Lions! I…


I was a bit greedy when all the crap coins were mooning and didn't sell all of them for stable coins as I planned, partly because I had…

Crypto Meme of the Day

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Since I joined this blockchain I've learned a lot about not being a financial ignorant and how to take steps not to die a poor bastard.…

Changing my mind about pegging

One of my last ditch "hopes" for loading up on a ton of Hive was that its price would loose a ton of value in relation to HBD which…

Financial goals for 2021 - May meme-update

Since this month hasn't been the best for the crypto world with all the wild swings and the FUD, I'm gonna start with the positive stuff:…

Power Up POB HIVE LEO Tomorrow!

It can be easy to forget, but tomorrow is the big day! Plan ahead so you can Power Up HIVE on June 1st Power up at least 10 Hive in…

Investment Specialist my A$$!

Surely, shilling joke coins is the key for the masses to take cryptocurrency seriously Obligatory /s No, but seriously what is up…