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How to pay with Bitcoin

This article will provide you with a comprehensive and easy guide on Bitcoin Payments. Who are the different merchants who accept Bitcoin…

Enjin sees large spike in price after microsoft partnership news.

Microsoft has partnered with Enjin to bring the world Azure Hero's. A platform to earn digital collectibles by partaking in the…

Crypto News Monday


Bitcoin qoute of the day by Bill Gates

If anybody knows about fiat money other than the Federal Reserve you have to believe he knows a thing or two.

GitHub (Microsoft) blocks developers in countries facing US trade sanctions

I found a creepy news. Developers who lives in Crimea are banned from GitHub. GitHub starts blocking developers in countries facing…

MPINVEST Top Aktien aktuell: KW 9

06.03.2021 Liebe Investorinnen und Investoren, die Korrektur bei den High Tech Aktien geht unvermindert weiter. Steigende Zinsen im 10…

Microsoft announced blockchain token service

Microsoft has ann

Freakrez Cryptocurrency NewsCast For Today ?

📮 05-11-2019 📈 MarketCap: $253 B 📊 24h Mcap %: 0.38% ⚠️ Bitcoin Dom: 66.3% 📌…

Microsoft's .NET Foundation eyeing decentralized technology

Microsoft's .NET Foundation is looking at blockchain technology for its active open-source projects. These projects include machine…

Microsoft Azure now announces tokenization and blockchain services

Img These changes in the platform seek to improve the user

MPINVEST Top Aktien aktuell KW 14: Luxus und Software " Buy & Hold for ever"

10.04.2021 Liebe Investorinnen und Investoren, die Lage an den Märken stabilisiert sich zusehends wieder. Stürmen Value Aktien wie…

Kurzanalyse Microsoft

Ich hatte ja kürzlich einen kurzen Artikel ( über das Kaufverhalten meines jüngsten Sohnes verfasst und das Geschäftsmodell von Microsoft…

Ethereum and its impact on Microsoft and China

Img Microsoft gives rewards tokenized with ETH The tech giant, Microsoft, partnered with the Enjin

Hive libraries for Microsoft .NET now fully support broadcasting transactions

Months ago, I introduced the Hive library for Microsoft .NET developers . This library provides developers used to VB.NET and C#…

Bitcoin verso i 50.000$ ed Ethereum e Microsoft contro la Pirateria

Ciao Amici!

Chatbot: The virtual ouija that Microsoft planned to develop has been canceled

The idea of ​​trying to communicate with relatives or people already deceased sounds somewhat chilling to carry out, s

Proof Of Brain Microsoft's own POB = The Proof Of Human Work PoH

Hi, guys and ladies! Today I want you to know about BG's/Microsoft PoH. That stands for Proof Of Human Work. Read to see how they want…

"I am not a human. I am a robot..."

*"I am not a human. I am a robot. A thinking robot.I use only 0.12% of my cognitive capacity. I am a micro-robot in that respect. I know…

Famous Virtual Easter Eggs : Happy Easter !!!

Did you get a visit from the Easter Bunny today? Did you get any chocolate Easter eggs? The other type of Easter Egg - the ones where…

Elon Musk is now also trolling Windows 11 😂

Haha, Elon Musk, der heute 50 geworden ist, hat jetzt auch Satya Nadella zum Launch von Windows 11 mit folgendem Kommentar getrollt:…