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Ethereum Price Showing Relative Strength

In the crypto sell off most people are talking about bitcoin how far it dropped. Though every coin pretty much did sell off some sold…

Talking Why Crypto to an Audience of Newbies

A month ago I had the please of speaking to a room full of 100 crypto newbies. The desired message of my presentation was more so "why…

We were all played, money doesn't need to be regulated

The dollar is currently seeing its last days of being the most utilized currency for the foreign exchange markets, the whole facade that…

Bitcoin's Price Dropped, Now What!?

There is no sugar-coating it; it was a rough week to be in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. Dropping all the way down to $42k…

There is a good time to buy and sell, but most people do it wrong - Hay un momento bueno para vender y comprar, pero la mayoría lo hace mal

English The way to make money speculating is simple, we should only buy low and sell high, but we can also sell high and buy low, the…

SPS Airdrop There's Still Time

_For those who might of been living under a rock the past 132 days, Splinterlands has an ongoing airdrop for the highly sought after SPS…

Buy This Homebuilder for a 10% Discount (Selling Put Options)

This Simple Trade Can Earn Big Profits Selling put options is a great way to generate income and solid annualized returns by taking less…

Pre-Historic investor Lashes 'Extreme' Crypto

@tarazkp put me onto this article posted earlier today about the 'Legendary' Investor Charlie Monger 'lashing' the extreme crypto…

HBD Interest Payouts for November 2021

Hello December! Bye bye November! We will miss you. November has been a great month for Hive. I thought October was good with Hive…

Let's Talk Some CryptoPunk Strategy

I was lucky enough to get my hand on a few punks on Hive, the generative NFT event launched a couple a weeks ago. As the dust set

The Timing Couldn’t Have Been More Right!

source [It just so happens t

Find out what are the 3 very simple ways Vybrainium can make you earn a lot.

The first is through POB. It's only a matter of time before we see our beloved token reaching more significant values ​​again. This will…

Polkadot Price Chart Analysis: Battling Prior Support

In this video I review the daily chart of Polkadot as we try to get a vibe of the price action after seeing it recently break a support…

No matter how long it lasts or what is said, an opinion is an opinion - No importa cuanto tiempo dure o que se diga, una opinión es una opinión

English These last few months we have been able to see the rise of NFTs, within which we can see NFT games as the main attention of…

More than 900 Hive Power, nearly $400 HBD in savings (2021.12.03)

Thank you to the help and support of the community, I am slowly and steadily increasing the amount of Hive Power and my HBD savings…

How a Diversified Portfolio Has Helped Keep me Traveling and Living Free for Almost 15 Years.

I have a good friend who is far wealthier than I am because he has done the opposite of what I have done. We both have savings and have…

Week 17 Results | 20W-26L-4P | -0.794 Units Loss

This is a weekly overview of my personal sports betting/trading results on teams from the Belgian Jupiler League documenting my journey…

Bitmart Hacked Losses Estimated at $196 Million

The latest centralized exchange hack at Bitmart has lost $196 million in various cryptocurrencies. Security analysis firm Peckshield

The Great Santa Pump (That Might've Never Happened) Chronicles: Episode One, The Descent To Hell

Because Bitcoin fell so hard last night, dragging the entire market with it, I decided to have a look at our beloved Hive, and

November in Crypto - Post Hive run

Happy new month people! Moonvember was a blast and I didn’t want it to finish. October pretty much showed us what November was going to