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The one thing to be successful (and happy?)

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6 Life Changing Stoic Quotes (Only if applied)

6 Life-Changing Stoic Quotes (Only if applied) This is what Marcus Aurelius would've looked like if were alive today. Not so different…

Confidence helps you achieve your goals

People who are not confident will be seen from body language and voice intonation. All signals from both languages will be sent to the…

How awesome is to trade POB !

*Oh, my god. I've been on POB for more than four months. All doing my best to earn as much as possible from my content. I wrote so many…

Open attitude to accept other people's opinions

When we make decisions, we feel that our decisions do not affect other people.Decisions, although very personal, can result in fundamental…

How Religion Affect Most Of Us Mindset Towards Success.

image by Pedro Dias at unsplash Let's not get it twisted I'm a Roman Catholic and I strongl

Back to work

Hello everyone, I returned from a contract, now sometimes posts will be published 2 times a day. I decided to introduce a new type of…

8 Side Hustles to Start From Home And Earn $2,000 Every Month

Along these lines, you don't wish to leave your 9–5 work, in spite of the fact that you disdain it, yet it takes care of the bills and…

When reality doesn't match the expectation

What should we do when the reality does not match the expectations? In business, there is a target and a percentage of achievement. When…

Day 1228 | Bookkeeping Monday

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a…

The Power Of Positive Thinking

Source We all have to change the way we think, it is the whole determine factor of where we go in life. We ar

Important Things To Learn Early In Life

image by ColiN00B Life is a learning process, so many people have made mistakes in life that they wish they could go back in time to fix…

If you have a lot of time to think about doing something, then you will succeed

If you want to do something in the long run, then you must have the greatest chance of success. The reason why I am saying this is…

Consistency is a gain on its own

Since joining Hive in the month of May, yesterday marked the first month I went through without failing to post on the platform in a day.…

The First attempt Is Always The Toughest and weirdest

There are these weird feelings that come with trying something new, everything looks strange and you may be tempted to conclude it…

Creating Or Grabbing Opportunity

Are you a businessman? Are you a worker? What are you looking for? I am sure that you all agree. Your work is for better opportunities.…

Starters & Doers: Join a new community for anyone building a business, startup or self-employment

Hello everyone! Join a new community for anyone building a business, startup or self-employment 😀 C/Starters & Doers I will try to…

Wishing for the good of others

Are you one of those people who expects goodness or gifts from others? From now on, stop with that feeling. Because that feeling only…

A time to Fill the Bags, HODL and a time to Dispense

"Everyday is an opportunity to learn from the myriad of lessons that life plays out to us. However, taking the right actions is what…

Financial stagnancy is a result of being stuck in your comfort zone.

image by Alexander Schimmeck at Unsplash Most people are financially stuck today, becau