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#MyHiveGoals - The Only 3 Things That Matter In Crypto!

Are we having fun yet?? I'm no expert and have never claimed to be, but I'm pretty sure the market sentiment right now is...'Bearish'…

Red is the New Black Friday!

Hello everyone! There is a rumour that there's a bit of a bloodbath around the crypto sphere but I pay so much attention to it th

My 2022 Hive Goals: Improved Engagement and Staking

I seem pretty much late with this post but it's better late than never as usual. Many persons have published their goals on Hive for the…

My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report

On every Sunday of the week, I share my weekly progress on the goals I have set for myself. As I mentioned in my previous articles, I'm…

#MyHiveGoals - Weekly Progress Update

I am using HiveStats.io to track all my progress within Hive, I recommend you all to check HiveStats out and set some goals for…

#MyHiveGoals - weekly progress.

Hello and welcome to all the readers. The progress is good but a bit slow since the last post. The curation has started picking up.…

Week 3 - Accumulation is Still the Focus

Everyone is complaining about the market dropping. The good news is that I am not that concerned about the price at this point in time…

#MyHiveGoals - 2021 achievements and misses

Hello and welcome to all the readers. 2021 has been a good year, especially December. I have reached few of the goals and almost reached…

How did it all come out...and what's next? #MyHiveGoals

Hello. My name is Garrey and I am a procrastinator (but we've been here before). It's been eight months since my last #MyHiveGoals post.…

Hive 2022: The Year of Massive Success

This is the year of massive success. This is the year of Hive. This is 2022. I’ll start this brand new year off properly. And by that…

1st Hive Power Up Day of 2022

It's the first Hive Power Up Day of 2022, so as a true Hive guy I had to participate in this one! I haven't been powering up as much…

#MyHiveGoals - Refreshed & Refocused For 2022!

I've been looking forward to this post for weeks now :) I'm one who doesn't believe in ' new years resolutions ', I'm more of the goal…

Focus is the Word for 2022!

Hello everyone! For the past few days away not only because of projects in the making, but also a sort of break and some moment o

Hive Engagement Goal for 2022: 100 Daily Comments in prep for projectBLANK

9480 Comments count so far We're in the third day of 2022 and I'm beginning to set my investment balls rolling. As my much as I know…

2022: New Communities, New Approach, New Goals and Starting a Year of Building!

Better later than never! Here it is: The obligatory "recap of last year and goals for the new year" post. Yes, I'm being slightly…

#MyHiveGoals - New monthly and yearly 2022 goals and progress.

Hello and welcome to all the readers. A new year 2022, it's time to define new set of goals. Just to recap, 2021 year was an excellent…

HiveStats - Great For Tracking Goal Progress

Hivestats is a tool that everyone should be using to help measure progress towards their annual goals. Each Friday, I will be sharing an…

#MyHiveGoals - New monthly goals Jan 2022 and progress

Hello everyone A new year 2022, it's time to define new set of goals. Just to recap, i am new to hive and am looking to see if using…

#MyHiveGoals - 1 Week To Go In 2021!

What a journey this year has been... And while next week I'll do the big ' year in review ' recap post, I'm still pretty excited with…

#MyHiveGoals - January Goals & Weekly Progress Update

My earnings have been a little lack luster the past week or two, I've found it difficult to post over the Christmas holidays and my…