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Holidays in paradise: ZAKYNTHOS 🇬🇷

​This past summer we decided to finally take holidays after 3 years. YES. 3 years. Crazy, huh? We have just recently moved from Denmark…

A Terrible experience I had today.

Hello, good people of this community. I'm thrilled to be a part of this group. I'm new here and have been doing study on ways to become…

Dolomite beach Philippnes already open!!

Manila bay already open for visitors,this is interesting topic from trash to clean environment and improves the quality of clearer water…

Evening light.


My visit to Agbokim Waterfall

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Named after the host city, Agbokim Falls consist of seven streams with an impress

Lampu'uk Beach.

When I'm tired of working all day, maybe one way to restore my body fitness is to play on the beach, enjoy the breeze in the afternoon and…


So many times I have thought, is anything truly free and doesn't come at a little prize or cost? The true answer to this is NO! except…



Climbing at Paarl Rock

Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve, in the Cape winelands, offers some interesting granite slab climbing. There are three major features with…

Something to think about... 🧠

As humans, are we losing our capabilities to “naturally” collect data and predict life events? 🤔⁣ ⁣ Obviously, spending time in nature…

Again a spark in hive and all hive based tokens

Hello hive livers ...hiw are you .. I hope today you all are will be well and also hapoy to see big growth in hive This screen shot from…

She is unique on the planet, NATURE

Every autumn holiday, when the weather allows, I try to go to nature with my friends. There is nothing more magnificent than the smell of…

My family's beautiful vacation in famous tourist place

Hello everyone...Peace be upon you, and God's mercy and blessings for you. Good night friends, wherever you are. Good luck always.…

Trip to Golubac Fortress and Monastery Tumane

Yesterday i've went to Golubac with my family and have wonderful time. ![IMG_20200721_131839.jpg](

Creativity and recycling to boost business.

I have always said that things should be given a second and even a third chance, and here we have a business that has flaunted this…

A possible ECOBANK model for revision and feedback

You guys are in this as much as I am! I need your help to look over this plan and give me some feedback - consider it your first act of…

A big news for me...in finance

Hello peoples How are you i hooe you all doing great in your life Today. I am sharing my hive walket threw @leofinance anazing…

Turtles NFT on Solana Helped Save 150,000 Baby Turtles From Minting

Turtles NFT on Solana Helped Save 150,000 Baby Turtles From Minting 3,333 tokens were minted at 0.33 SOL each Currently, the floor is…

Balochistan is a golden bird

Hello all friends I hope you are all well and have a lot of fun I have started sharing photos which you will all be happy to see. And I…