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Spinvest's weekly earnings and holdings reports #22

Hello, SPIer's. Today is Sunday and we end the SPI week with our weekly dividend payment this evening and every Sunday at 21.00 GMT.…

CUBLIFE (CL) - Weekly report #23

Authored by @silverstackeruk Hello, LBIer's and CLer's. Welcome to this weeks CUBLIFE (CL) token update. We are going to look at this…

The Best Outcome Of Cryptocurrencies Adoption

We are in a middle of a very unusual shift in finances. For the last 10 years, a new type of asset, decentralized (not owned by any entity…

Indexed Finance Suffers $16 Million Exploit

(Source) Evening Two days ago, decentralized finance (DeFi) project Indexed Finance got hacked for $16 milli

Wanna Mint Free NFTs(ERC-271)??? Here is How...

(Source) Evening Amazing news for NFT lovers, as

DeFi growing North America's Crypo Market!

source DEFI's growth has grown into the global 2nd biggest market while expanding the Crypto market in North America. The North…

Layer 2 Solution, StarkNet Alpha Coming to Ethereum Mainnet

(Source) Evening So as the competition for Ethereum Layer Scaling Solutions heats up, StarkNet A

Axie Infinity Leads In-Game NFT Boom, DappRadar Q3 report

**This report contains many interesting facts on blockchain gaming , with the overall trend to ta

Tether Fined $41 Million For Laying About Fiat Backing Its Stable Coin

(Source) Evening So, Tether is in hot waters

Venezuela Might Be The Next Country To Make Bitcoin Legal Tender

A few days ago I had a post discussing the idea of more nations following the steps taken by El Salvador to make Bitcoin legal tender. It…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 17.10.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I talked about the launch of Bitcoin ETFs and their potential effect on the crypto…

Delaware Residents Launch Federal Lawsuit Against City For Towing Practices

There is a federal lawsuit that has been launched recently that is questioning the towing practices in Delaware, referring to them as an…

Terra Coin usage expands

Hello @leofinance and hive readers. In this article, I will share a news about Terra coin Luna. If you are trading with Terra, I am sure…

Splinterlands Chaos Legion Pre-Sale started, 37 days to go until launch 🚀 1 Voucher already traded for $22, 1 Chaos Pack $17, wow!

Der lang erwartete Pre-Sale der Splinterlands Chaos Legion Booster Packs hat begonnen, 37 Tage bis zum eigentlichen Launch 🚀 1 Voucher…

U.S is now #1 For Bitcoin Mining!

source The United States is now for the first time, the most popular destination for Bitcoin Miners. Although there was already a…

Steam Bans Games Which Include Crypto & NFTs, Whilst Epic Games ‘Welcomes’ Them

**Valve’s Steam video games marketplace has officially updated its terms and conditions for game publishers, adding a new rule that no…

17th October 2021 most searched altcoins

Hello @leofinance and #hive readers I will try to present you the most searched and researched popular altcoins today. 17th October 2021…

United States Leading The Global Bitcoin Hash Rate

(Source) Evening So, as expected United States has emer

Splinterlands is anti-poor?

After eagerly waiting for months for a new pack to be offered for sale, I was very aghast at seeing that one needs to stake a large amount…

Thorswap Relaunches Integrating Four Networks

(Source) Evening Cross Chain decentralized exchan