LEO Tokenomics

Is it worth holding LBI tokens?

Hello LBIers, today we take a suggestion from one are investors who asked last week what is the difference in APY between LEO and LBI and…

Will El Salvador Remove Bitcoin Legal Tender Status?

El Salvador was the first to establish bitcoin as legal tender in the world. It wouldn't take long before more people would have bitcoin…

OpenSea Reimbursing The Affected User of Recent Exploit and Implementing New Measures to Keep the Issue in Check

(Source) Evening Non-fungible tokens (NFT) marketplace OpenSea

Another Solo Bitcoin Miner Gets Lucky and Successfully Solves a Block To Earn 6.25 BTC Mining Reward

(Source) Evening So interestingly, yet another solo bitcoin miner mined a new

How Blockchain Can Make Governments And Taxes More Efficient And Transparent

source Politicians in the state of Washington in the US have

Solana(Sol) Nosedive Exacerbated by the Recent Network Outage


Meta's Diem Stablecoin Payment System is Officially Dead

Facebook Meta has been trying to build it's own stablecoin and payment system for years now. After facing numerous problems and…

Fantom Overtakes Binance Smart Chain to Become Third Lagest Defi Chain

(Source) Evening Fantom has been making headlines, as it has overtaken Binance Smart C

Fast Food Giants Embracing Popular Modifications

For millions of people around the world getting a meal through a fast food restaurant is a way of life, it's something that Americans are…

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Reaches All Time High

(Source) Evening S

Spinvest's weekly earnings and holdings reports #36

Hello, SPIer's. Today is Sunday and we end the SPI week with our weekly dividend payment this evening and every Sunday at 21.00 GMT.…

Detroit Rapper Buys Up Old Neighborhood

One rapper from Detroit has been hard at work cleaning up the houses in the region and trying to make a difference by buying back the…

Exploring a new crypto-social app: Pixie

One of people's favorite activities is to share their life moments in photogaphs and videos! This is why social media platforms are being…

Why does the mainstream HATE crypto?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams. I’m genuinely baffled by the genuine hate that crypto receives o

El Salvador Buys the Dip

(Source) Evening So, when it comes to buying the dip, there is nothing stopping the El Salvador president Nayib Buk

Polkadot Likely to Become FC Barcelona Sponsor

FC Barcelona, the Spanish-based football club and La Liga giants are currently receiving and considering proposals from various brands…

Cheer Up - The Number of (Crap) Job Vacancies are at a Record High!

According to the Office for National Statistics the number of job vacancies in the UK hit a new (presumably all time) record in…

Reddit Testing Verified NFT Avatars

frens, we have yet another major social media platform testing NFT profile pictures. The "front page of the internet" itself, Reddit is…

This crypto market collapse is temporary like all the others

HIVE has lost almost 80% since the jump we had a couple months ago, so now probably isn't a great time to sell for fiat. But after 4.5…

The Great Ethereum Renamening

A blog post came out today from the Ethereum Foundation that kinda left me shook. Could you ever imagine Ethereum's name changing? I…