LEO Tokenomics

Oh God... Part 3!

Kim Yong Moon, Elon's Sperm, Viagra. These are three amazing, world changing defi gems you got to know early thanks to me. And here's…

"Clueless Big Hypocrite"?!...

If you were wondering why Bitcoin has dipped recently, here's your answer, the Dogefaher, Elon Musk himself has changed his mind about…

Help a CUB has been put on hold

Hello everyone. This is a hard post to write but behind the scenes of "Help a CUB", we've had a few, well more than a few LBI tokens…

The incongruities of the markets / Las incongruencias de los mercados

English For several days now I have seen several projections about the path that stock market assets may take for various reasons, but…

Vitalik Buterin Donates More Than $1bn Crypto Assets to Help Covid Relief Efforts in India

(Source) So world's youngest crypto billionaire and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has made donation worth more than $1bn worth…

Elon Musk does it again and Bitcoin falls...

Source What's up trader friends? Today the Bitcoin has taken an unexpected turn for everyone and has fallen sharply below $50K, all…

🗞 Daily Crypto News, May, 13th💰

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete News Review, Coin Calendar and Analysis. Enjoy! [🗞 Market Wrap: DeFi Tokens Aave and…

MetaMask Deficiencies and Lost NFT

Hi! Today I had a full day and it's still going like that. Mine 👆 Between some tasks, I found some respiro windows and…

Due to an error in this post, I will be forwarding the rewards to LeoFinance.io

It has come to my attention that despite extensive research, some of the facts in this post were incorrect. In light of the error, I…

Was this the top??

In cryptocurrency there are two types of tops– long-term tops and local tops. The long-term top is the highest price a crypto coin or…

It is always a good idea to have liquidity / Siempre es buena idea tener liquidez

English In investments and trading there may be opportunities that occur at a specific time and that are gone in a short time, such as…

The good thing about learning about history, is that we can have an idea of the future / Lo bueno de aprender sobre historia, es que podemos tener una idea del futuro

English We all want to have a way to guess what is going to happen in the future as we can get a lot out of knowing what would happen…

🗞 Daily Crypto News, May, 12th💰

Welcome to the Daily Crypto News: A complete News Review, Coin Calendar and Analysis. Enjoy! [🗞 Market Wrap: Yearn, EOS Rise Over…

There is no indicator of reality, only multiple pieces of reality (trading) / No existe un indicador de la realidad, solo múltiples pedazos de la realidad (trading)

English A mistake that many of us make when we start in trading (including me) is that we look for an indicator that is so reliable that…

20.30 UTC - LBI Hardcap & 21.00 UTC - CUBLIFE (CL) snapshot

Hello, we have a double announcement today, never a dull moment at LBI. 1/ LBI HARDCAP AT 20.30 UTC TODAY!! 2/ Snapshot for CUBLIFE…

Breaking: Ethereum Founder Started Dumping Shiba Inu and Other Doge Clones

Honestly, nobody was expecting this! Shiba Inu coin was the talk of the town for this whole week! It was rising like crazy! Now it was…

IRS will seize your crypto if you don't pay back your taxes

It's SilverGoldHunter here agin, And I have news that the United States Internal Revenue Agency, or IRS will seize your crypto if you…

Elon Musk crashes bitcoin with his announcement that Tesla have suspended accepting bitcoin.

Bit coin has just recently crashed from approx $55000 down to $49,848.00 (curret price at 2.40am GMT 13th May 2021) and is still falling.…

Markets do not have feelings, we do / Los mercados no tienen sentimientos, nosotros si

English If there is a feeling that we all have, it is the frustration that we can feel when we do not have the result we want, and this…


[EN] Hi! GMW here with crypto news! Today we witnessed a new rise of the ADA that managed to climb to the value of $ 1.75, occupying the…